BFI Screen Talk: Guillermo del Toro | BFI London Film Festival 2017

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The BFI welcomed the filmmaker to the London Film Festival to discuss his career and his latest film, The Shape of Water – an other-worldly fairy tale, set against the backdrop of Cold War era America, which screened as our American Airlines Gala.

After breaking onto the scene with visceral, dark supernatural horror films Cronos and The Devil’s Backbone, Guillermo del Toro moved into commercial American moviemaking, directing Blade II and garnering acclaim for his two Hellboy movies. However, it was his darkly beautiful masterpiece Pan’s Labyrinth that really cemented the filmmaker’s reputation as one of the most creative and visionary artists of his generation, whose distinctive style introduced an exciting visual poetry to fantasy filmmaking.

Following the giant robots vs giant monsters action outing Pacific Rim and gothic romance Crimson Peak, the Festival is delighted to welcome one of Mexico’s most celebrated filmmakers to discuss his career and his latest film, The Shape of Water


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yasstala says:

I feel really honored when i read comments from not mexican people, praising Guillermo's work and personality. He inspired me to get out from my comfort zone…

polisherci says:

If our lives would ever cross, I'm sure I'd instantly fall in love with Guillermo <3

Freddy Rodriguez says:

Guillermo Del Toro is an exceptional human being. He is a gem.

Josué says:

I could listen to Guillermo Del Toro for hours. Such an interesting and brilliant man.

Mark Hernandez says:

I’m not a Film maker but I really admire Guillermo del Toro ! I found this Man a genuinely amazing and good example to follow up!

darkeyes909 says:

can you imagine if he made BioShock video game as a film?

Stephan Reisig says:

Its a shame they cut out the film clips. . .Probably has to do something with copyrights, etc.

Nick Campbell says:

The suit, filed in federal court in California on Wednesday against del Toro, Fox Searchlight and others, alleges that "The Shape of Water" infringes on Zindel's 1969 play "Let Me Hear You Whisper." According to the suit, the play "tells the story of a lonely janitorial cleaning woman who works the graveya…rd shift at a scientific laboratory facility that performs animal experiments for military use. There she becomes fascinated by a fantastic intelligent aquatic creature, held captive in a glass tank. To the sounds of romantic vintage music playing on a record player, she forms a deep, loving bond with the creature, discovering that it can communicate — but chooses to do so only with her. When she learns that the authorities plan to kill the creature, in the name of scientific progress, she hatches a plan to liberate the creature in a rolling laundry cart and release it at a dock that feeds into the ocean, where it will finally be free." The suit alleges that "The Shape of Water" lifts from the concept to an actionable degree.Del Toro should be ashamed of himself.  We're ordering Zindel's play today and will offer other evidence to support Zindel's claim.  Sometimes famous people rip others off because they think they can get away with it.  What an embarrassment to the film industry but since when are these guys a bunch of saints. Ray Bradbury once encoountered a similar rip off but he was alive and could confront the film makers; they at least gave Bradbury a credit.  del Toro didn't offer a mention or nod to Paul Zindel who also wrote, "The Effect of Gamma Rays on Man-in-the-Moon Marigolds."

English Lessons says:

This is the best director interview I think I have ever seen; trully brilliant and unusual and refreshing and interesting and funny and even lovable

JA G says:

Lets hear all the Liberals make fun of GdT for having closeness to religion for inspiration.

Angus Lamont says:

I'd love to see Guillermo make a black and white gothic horror film.

jackyboy777666 says:

Del Toro is so smart!

Mickey Sahlström says:

Wonderfull interview. Great bits of advice and life wisdom!

Rob Vespa says:

Where did that hour and fifteen minutes go? I could listen to Guillermo del Toro all day. I hope that I get to see him one day.

Screech891 says:

What a lovely man!

Michele Moss says:

I love Guillermo. He speaks the truth about love.

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