The Most Realistic Robots! (2018)

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Avatar Shaman


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Aleksandar Velichkov says:

I hope that there is a big video coming. And you didn't quit.

Amarillo Burgess says:

I don't get why social robots are so emphasized. Why do we need them? If they are the focus, they will replace humans in social roles. if Facebook destroyed one aspect of human interaction, then social robots will completely negate it. I worry for the future sometimes. I can understand making a voice assistant more realistic but why a humanoid realistic enough to replcace human interaction. I don't even know. I'm not fearful of the technology, I am very intrigued. I am fearful however for what it means for an already damaged humanity.

Vivek Kunwar says:

Best is Sofia,more complex and programmed multifunctionally and skeletory resemble average human size.

Avatar,one is I think large sized Robot 9 feet I guess,which make it to give swift movements easy and programmed only same repetitive mechanical way.

papadoc711 says:

i guess we're miles away from Westworld yet 🙁

frank franko says:

Wrong name should be called androids

bowserkidgaming Amaya says:

My favorite robot should be Abraham Lincoln



James Lentsoane says:

Awesome video presentation bro…My favourite is Avatar Shaman robot from Disney.
Great stuff!!!

Aja Smith says:

Destroy us all! In my Billy voice

Avidcomp says:

Hello. Have to pick up (not dispute) a point regarding Sophia. This turned out to be a stage led by Mohammad Bin Salman Al Saud, to gather significant Saudi royal, political and business figures who were arrested and held incommunicado at the same Ritz Riyadh hotel Sophia collected her citizenship. Her citizenship was never taken seriously, but the arrests that were made possible by the staged event were.

Amjad Khan says:

Please make video on Facebook collecting data privacy

QUE BASURA!!! says:

I think those scientist should work more on realistic mobilty and thinking then just making them look like real humans but they move all robotically,have a text to voice speech voice and are all really just preprogrammed….that avatar robot was pretty good but they still need mentality

jefferson santiago says:

graphene will have a huge part in production of robotics in the future

Prudence Ravenwood says:

'Just think'

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