Influenza: Get the (Antigenic) Drift

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Have you ever wondered why you need a flu vaccination each year? The National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases explains the ever-changing nature of influenza viruses.


Maryam Khalil says:

this is golden!

Steven Rios says:

A virus antigen is a toxin or other substance given off by a virus which causes an immune response in its host. A viral protein is an antigen specified by the viral genome that can be detected by a specific immunological response. Viruses are complexes consisting of protein and an RNA or DNA genome. They lack both cellular structure and independent metabolic processes. They replicate solely by exploiting living cells based on the information in the viral genome.

Nathanael Mathis says:

Hi! I am in a medical program and I am graduating from it next saturday. We have to do a presentation about a virus and I chose Influenza. I was wondering if I can use this video to show in my presentation?

illianna cameron says:

I was born with influenza A

Tyler H says:

The amount of mercury in the flu vaccine is not enough to be worried about. Far more people have died as a result of not getting the flu vaccine than by mercury poisoning in general, much less the mercury specifically in the flu vaccine. It does imply that you can still get the flu even if you do get the vaccine by addressing the way it mutates from person to person. It's a lot of guesswork to determine which vaccine will be effective against a particular strain, but we do a pretty good job at predicting. The flu vaccine has helped save millions of lives and is very safe.

anna says:

Fuck it im sick =.=

Hugo Manningham says:

You stupid asslicking crooks. Unless you have a very fragile health you do NOT need a flu shot every year.

DinahsWorld xo says:

This doesn't change the fact that Im dying??

ArtfortheDarkness says:

In general the vaccine is very safe and very effective, so I think the message below does not help people understand the usefulness of the flu vaccine. Millions of persons are vaccinated yearly, the efficacy of the vaccine is high in persons with normal immune systems, and the cost is low. Many reasons to get vaccinated; one is to protect yourself, another is to protect your family and loved ones. If you get vaccinated, you don't transmit the virus to your family, children, infants, and elderly.

Michael Kane says:

The animation here is really impressive. Bravo, NIAID.

N0CR3AT0R says:

Awesome Vid. this should be seen by those pesky Anti- Vaccine D-Bags.

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