2018 Bahrain Grand Prix: Pre-Race Press Conference

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Kimi Raikkonen, Fernando Alonso and Valtteri Bottas face the media ahead of the second round of the season in Bahrain…

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Zillator says:

would be nice, to also get the senior press conference here in this channel 🙂

Francois Vanwyk says:

Would be nice to see Fernando on top again..

kanał 5 says:

There is no Hamilton …. Yeeeeeeessssssss.

Kimi Vettelkonnen says:

Leave me alone … Bwooah

Nedroj says:

From 3:45 thats the good stuff.

Widya Savitri says:

Ice Man numro uno to competisy F 1 series 2018

Hoggidyhog says:

I can't blame the drivers, these journalists ask stupid questions

Maximous Prime says:

So when did Alonso and Bottas switch to Force India?

Raphael Walhdrën says:

Kimi is clever very clever !

spoofen dave says:

6:42 love the way Nando always insists on pronouncing RiCHARDo in Italian … those years at Ferrari

Brian Messemer says:

1:49.."I don't know, I don't have the crystal ball anymore." ANYMORE. So, at one point he did have the crystal ball. INTERESTING!

Duncan De hulst says:

I think its fair to sya that these three, right in this interview are among the most grown up of all the drivers

Fifthelement203 says:

Fernando Is 100% right. The last 10 Laos use to be a dog fight now without a crash or safety car you can almost predict the results. I still love the sport but wish drivers could just drive!

Hadrhune0 says:

Interviewing kimi is as pleasant as fingering own ass. This guys it's there just for the money. Cannot wait to see Leclerc sitting in its place.

dev's account says:

If Kimi at least won one race this year and Fernando got a podium. It would be more interesting.

HirAjEm PMPL says:

I love how Alonso killed that stereotype of late 80's and early 90's being golden era of F1 🙂 Fans who watch for last 10 years will still argue that was some real racing 😀

Doofensmirtz Evil Incorporated says:

Anybody, Alonso for president?

James 007 says:

I love f1 to the core… But I think it needs to change its current trends…. Should focus more on driver rather than car… Given the same car specs… Mercedes or Ferrari might no be at the top always… Let them win fare and square… Hulk, Ric, Van, Oco, Vers, Perez, Sainz … Ofcoz Alonso all are capable of winning….. Sad to see the sport where you talent never really shines…. at least restrict all constructors with the same budget…. Totally unfair

James says:

These reporters are so bad, no wonder their getting sick of answering stupid questions. I always hated F1 reporters and commentators, especially sky sports lol. Please bring back speed tv F1 lol I know I need to let it go…

Ionut Tudorica says:

Alonso: i don't have the crystal ball, anymore (!) Bwoahahahahaha

bambang prihadi says:

Fernando, you must shaving to return your power and lucky.

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