5SOS’ Luke Hemmings with female friend at Pressed Juicery

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5SOS’ Luke Hemmings steps out of a Pressed Juicery with 5 Seconds of Summer tour assistant Zoe Jane Smith in Beverly Hills, California. (Courtesy: Splash News)

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Megan Moz says:


butera hemmings says:

that's their tour manager lol

Hell Naw says:

when coming out of pressed juicery turns into a photo shoot
love you luke

me 03 says:

are you fucking kidding me thats their tour manager ,zoe , like bish do your research omg face-palm paps these days sighs

Esmie Williams says:

His tummy ❤️

Stacey Griffin says:

lol I don't know why but I find it funny that the called it a juicery

Obsessed girl says:

that's their tour manager

SharneeNKOTBSB says:

She's also married

abby says:

I like her better than arzaylea

emmabanton says:

"Did you check out that super bowl?""Nice"

Angela says:

That's zoe their tour manager not a female friend

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