#VisaBae – RLT’s GoFundMe | What’s going on in LDN? | Blac Chyna | What’s Trending ?

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Okay people, So, here’s whats been popping in the world of celebrity, yelebrity and in our world of today, this past week. In yeleb world, sad news for popular yelebrity, RLT is has had to ask for financial help, via a GoFundMe to fund her citizenship application. In Celeb world, Blac Chyna continues to embarrass herself in public; she recently got into a fight at six flags when someone touched Dream accidentally. In our world of today, more scary statistics about the situation on the streets of London emerge.

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Stacey Owusu says:

i pray you blow! youre good

chelly T says:

6 years is a damn loooooong time. She should go to work, period!

Chinyere Osuafor says:

Thanks for summarizing the RLT story.Me,I couldn’t watch 28 minutes of someone in tears.Influencer bawo

Christiana Opadeji says:

LOOL. Did she just say during my hoe days

MorrocanZween says:

Does anybody have RLT's go fund me link? Something very shady about that girl!

Bimpe Abiade says:

You're consistency is inspiring. Pray you reach 10K this month

afroems says:

sis I'm curious loool. when you say you go to bed early, how early are we talking?

& your workrate is madddd

Y W says:

@MoChunksTV Literally just got told about this – THANK YOU! for featuring #Yazz2UCL – I really appreciate the support sis. Please check out my donation page here: gofundme.com/yazz2ucl

Tianna Miller says:

I heard RLT has closed the donatioms on her go fund me page but does anyone have the link so i can read the blurb because me myself I dont want to watch almost 30 mins of her vid pls

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