ILLEGAL SONIC FAN GAME! – Virus Investigations 3

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Hello guys and gals, me Mutahar again! This time we take a look at a fan game of the hedgehog variety, one that happens to gather information on you if you so happen to delve into the inner workings of its precious sprites! Thanks for watching!
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Nathan Hansen says:

I really love these videos I watch every new episode I have a lot going on in life it gets me through the days thanks keep it up!

Kurt Mapping says:

I cant fucking cope that you said cuck

Ruth Glass says:

Lol I had a ad of starbucks it went hello hello hello and when I skipped the ad he said hello

Radic The Hedgehog says:

I wish it wasn't illegal

splatoon pro says:

My god. What sick being would create a game that sends your IP to their "Data Base"!?

Sean T says:

And the term "FC" (Fan character) continues to be forgotten.

Kim jong un says:

For One mil special
Get those alien probes removed surgically!

123silly says:

I tried playing this game but the creator made the game unplayable because people found his DMR

Medik is a meme says:

I know what gather battle looks like. There's footage.

Swim Buddy says:

Sonic gather battle

ikagura says:

Sonic fans are stupid

ikagura says:

That's why Sonic fangames should be forbidden

Fiera the Proud says:

I'm still a bit unclear on what exactly this has to do with OCs. I've known for quite a while the guy didn't want "his" sprites stolen (they're just Sonic Battle sprites, Maybe with some edits but. That gives no right for doing this shit). Were the creator's original characters also playable??


Really? He had a whole "protection software" in his "FANGAME" because he didn't want no one using his sprites of a character that doesn't even belong to him in the first place to begin with. He should've thought more carefully because you can still get the sprites by screenshoting gameplay and taking away all the background except for the sprite in Photoshop or something. Even then, people wouldn't go that far for some Sonic sprites, the creator was being way to paranoid about his sprites and he had to take it the extra mile. I can understand if its like a completely original game with original story and stuff, but seriously its a FANGAME nothing belongs to you except for the idea that brought you into making the fangame. Plus I actually think its pretty cool when people use your sprites outside your own game ya know.

Asriel Hyperdeath Dreemurr says:

Game at 3:38?

David Brailsford says:

when you said illegal sonic fan game, my mind went right to this.

J C says:

13:05 Sounds like the same shit microsoft and the NSA are doing here in the US with Win 10.

Billy The Helicopter says:

Talk about being defensive.

Christian Thorn says:

Honestly if the guy doesn't realize just how much of a hypocrite he is, then he's the dumbest person on the planet. "I'm going to steal this copyrighted art for my game! Now if you steal my half-baked deviantart fanshit, I'll take all your fucking info"

Gaming With Tony says:

dad: why is the fbi here

Gren Games says:

I kinda wanna intentionally fuck up my computer using this, but at the same time I don't.

Unknown User says:

Hey muta. Was wondering if maybe you'd be interested in doing an investigation on the subseven Trojan horse. Thanks great channel buddy!

SpiderBro says:

1:01 Ronic and Pails

Halla at Wolfy inc. says:

OC? Well I have an STD if that answers your question

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