Roseanne Barr – Me And My Granddaughter Biting Each Other

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Brian Brooks says:

Love u rosanne wished I could meet u ur the greatest woman in the world wished you had Facebook so u could add Me my name is brian lloyd brooks

mike hardesty says:

and that's how you catch BABY RABIES !

deanna uranga says:

Is that baby wearing the famous chicken shirt?

karmadharma5668 says:

Yeah, the Rooster thingy, thats awesome

Kristin Michael says:

How do I buy one of these onesies?

Anna Saucedo says:

I would like for you to know that you remind me so much of my mom and you have the same facial features as her, I see you and think of her cause on the Roseanne show she was a wise ass just like you. she passed away in 2008 at the age of 47 and watching you is like still having her with me so I bought all the seasons of your show plus the Halloween special. thank you for being you, a wonderful person and a beautiful woman 🙂

A A says:

That baby is so cute

riodoc says:

oh i love seeing you and with a cute baby even more, congrats, will she have those eyes of yours?

Sheena Marie says:

Pretty cool having the Rooster!!! Love you Roseanne. #1 Fan here!!!!

missashley327 says:

Omg the onesie made me smile so big!!

Brushes Of Magic says:

I love the onesie!

Sally_loves_books&movies says:

How adorable!!!

iclies says:

A tiny RB clone……2 adorable

Victoria Schropp says:

I'm dyiiing over that onesie!

Mandy Hernandez says:

I want that onesie too precious

HardyWeeed says:

Omg look at that onesie-Straight outta Landford!!!! Is that your son, Buck's daughter? I ask because she looks just like he did on the show. Best show ever.

ZiggyStud says:

So many memories. Thank you for everything, Roseanne!

mariah staszak says:

rooster onezie!! how adorable she is..what a blessing guys are too cute..gotta love fluffy babies! xoxo

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