Trump joins allies in expelling Russian agents over U.K. chemical attack

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President Trump’s order to expel 60 Russian intelligence officers comes as 14 EU member states and Canada announced similar actions. CBS News foreign correspondent Charlie D’Agata joins CBSN with more on the possible impact.


Mark Grady says:

Let's just nuke em

gloryboundkev says:

it was probably muslims

Peter Stone hammer says:

Russian SPY killed by Russians…. hmmm as if we wouldn’t do the same.

Escape Reality says:

I know this is off topic but she's pretty hot, I say this in the most respectable manner of course

Jorge Valdez says:

I don't like the use of "allies" this just allows for more division.

Gspsx says:

What about the 3 other Russian embassies in the US? What's the point of just expelling 60 from one?

Ian G. says:

can't we all just get a bong ahem along?

Mitchell C. says:

Build the Wall

Dariel Castillo says:

I'm confused someone explain

Alexander Lazarev says:

Can you be objective for at least a SECOND, and question the motive for Putin (!) to do this thing???? seriously! or are we now conditioned to believe that those "evil countries" are always irrational anyway, and no reason to look for motive in their actions??

GTALawEnforcer LCPDFR - LSPDFR says:

Oh but i thought Trump loved Putin and Russia?. What happened to that false narrative?.

Mulesoft/Army Strong ! says:

can I join the army before this happens

esteban barajas says:

Fals flag people it's just something to keep your mind off what he has going behind your back.

Hadyen Courson says:

Trump is going to git us killed

Neil Henry says:

So what happens, if and when, Russia moves into Alaska… we move into Ukraine?

C0TK22 Gr8 says:

Trump's gonna get spanked now, he went against the grain, watch.

Blaine st pierre says:

Trump deflection trying to put himself in a better light this is a ruse of course he's going to go along with it he's in deep s***

Coltyn Hill says:

We shouldn't alienate each other its only going to lead to another war.

Real Beginning says:

What on earth is happening in the white house?!

Cameron Muncie says:

When it comes down to it what would either country benefit of nuclear war other than gaining a wasteland that won't be able to support life for decades. Let's hope our superiors are smarter than chosing a nuclear war.

punkchicktoo says:

Fools. Innocent until proven guilty no more exists. What an archaic concept

Alexander Lazarev says:

Now – what is to stop them from bombing the "evil Russia" by next summer?? only Russia's nukes. many unfortunate countries did not have this ace up their sleeve – and look where they are. Now tell me – can you blame NK?? can you blame Iran?? the west is a REAL threat to many countries.

ALJustice0 says:

A forced move. Because otherwise he'd be shot for not hating Russia too.

Mike Hillsgrove says:

To get rid of all the Russian Agents, we would need to get rid of the Democratic Party.

Trollol Police says:

Putin isnt a globalist thats why hes getting shafted. Long Live the nationalist sovereign state and preservation of identity and culture.

Victor Mata says:

Diplomacy is running out of time..when there is nothing to expelled. Then come the nuclear attack. First city that disappear for the next 100 york.washington. chicago. Then .russia moscu. And other city.will get 8 nuclear bombs.the best way is peace..then if we go for peace the bible say sudden death come .so either way there is no scapes

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