The surprising beauty of mathematics | Jonathan Matte | TEDxGreensFarmsAcademy

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Jonathan Matte has been teaching Mathematics for 20 years, the last 13 at Greens Farms Academy. Formerly the Mathematics Department Chair, he is currently the 12th Grade Dean and Coach of the GFA Math Team and the CT State Champion Quiz Team. A former Jeopardy! contestant, Jon’s outside-of-the classroom passions lie in the world of puzzles and games, both as a competitor (in the American Crossword Puzzle Tournament and the World Puzzle Championships, among others) and a creator (orchestrating the long-running GFA Puzzle Hunt and crafting puzzles that have made their way into GAMES Magazine).

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LarJgrip says:

Shame on tedtalks

clinton says:

Tesla model s is being giving out on LiveEdu Bibox why not try and buy their educational token

challa narendra says:

its a waste of time in mathematics farmas

akjlm53 says:

I found this fascinating and exciting. I don’t get the negative disparaging comments. He helped me a non mathmatical person understand the creativity inherent in mathmatics. I guess some people just like to thinkIt is clever to engage in juvenile put downs. Thank you sir for giving us the gift of information and seeing the world through your unique experience. Don’t ever stop comminicating your excitement about this wonderous reality we share.

truckindave1 says:

I stopped using a calculator After High School for some reason

Jyotsna Gokhale says:

Surprising only if one thinks it's about tedious accounting. Else, beauty, sheer.

Joshua Bransgrove says:

How can anyone be this bad with a camera.

Hubert Hubert says:

Still can´t see beauty in zombie

Old School Natural Bodybuilding says:

worse ted talks ever

Thys Dreyer says:

Nothing beautiful about mathematics , only dread and crying .

Nobody Cares says:

He sounds like James Woods the actor…. dead on …


Não entendi nada que eles quis dizer, mas foi legal né

Hans Bachmann says:

Hans Bachmann
3 min ·
Einstein provou que a gravidade não existe, com a sua teoria de espaço- tempo. E que a massa é que provoca tal deformação. Qual a força que deforma o Espaço-Tempo. Seria uma espécie de gravidade negativa, que afasta o Espaço-Tempo ao invés de atrai-lo? Não pode haver causa sem um efeito. Tem que haver uma causa. Será que a massa faz parte do Espaço-Tempo? Fala-se e escreve-se muito sobre ondas gravitacionais. Como podem existir sem gravidade? Deveria ser chamadas de ondas de Espaço-Tempo, e não de gravitacionais. Hans

liquidiceyt says:

2018 anyone still watchin?

Console Plays Games says:

how did this become a ted talk ??

ALoonwolf says:

Everyone knows 1+1=2. Therefore everyone knows all mathematics. All they need to learn is the meaning of the symbols you use to represent things.

billy vandory says:

shut up, giggles…

AwesomlyCakeLikeDragon says:

Matte in swedish means math! =) says:

Wikipedia: patterns in nature < worth checking out. Math, beauty and nature.

Sanha Manocha says:

'Whatever you're going to learn, is already in you.'
That's one of best thoughts I ever came across. It generates so much excitement, inquisitiveness and confidence in learning!

Matrix29bear says:

How to draw pictures using APPLE ][e graphics resolution.

O O F says:

I hope they didn't pay this camera man

LinusHimmer says:

When I'm either bored or just NEED to do something else in school I also doodle that, I still do and didn't know about this

Raihanimnations says:

haha same I have nerdy stories aswell

doposud says:

damn do you hear the sound of pc ? 😀 😀 whats that ? some rare museum find ?

Larry McGrew says:

This might have been worth watching if it produced as other TEDx lectures.

Dick Bush says:

Breaking bad Cop

770valiant says:

it is not helping

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