President Vladimir Putin wins a fourth term in office

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Preliminary results in Russia’s presidential election show Putin winning with more than 70 percent of the vote; Amy Kellogg reports live from Moscow.

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CRPF waheguru de nal milan da sidha treka says:

Congratulations sir vladimir putin from india

blackturtleshow says:

Russian voters had more choice than we have here in the USA. Eight candidates altogether which underscores just how popular Putin actually is!

Rocco Anthony says:

So many brainwashed Russians and commies in this comment section lol. No wonder they were rascist towards Americans/Europeans/Japanese, and pro-Chinese/Koreans lol. I knew Russians were Soviets in the inside. They just traded communist uniforms to normal suits, but in the inside, they are still brainwashed Soviet machines.

levkarizma says:

I wanna learn the opinions of Russia citizens. For you is Putin a dictator?

Bonafide Facts says:

Great Russia


FAKE NEWS…USA elections are a FAKE. The President of the USA is just a puppet

Zamani Dlamini says:

Congratulations to Vladimir Putin. the greatest leader ever, we need you sir.

James Greer says:

Mr President Trump will be re-elected in 2020 IF we have elections.

James Greer says:

President Putin is from 'Ishmael" the brother of Isaac, Ishmael is the
Russian people and Isaac is the modern day American people. Both are from Abraham. And that makes us step Brothers.

atomkraftteddy says:


Dutch Eagle eye predator says:

Putin is a true alpha leader …a world leader who wil kick the ass of the wester scum supporting jihadis …. from Netherlands

Ari Jaywalking says:

The real son of Mother Russia…We love you our great President ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

Mekdes Alemayehu says:

My my my my my President Vladimir Putin. You are my sweetheart. I am in love with you and the people of Russia. Congratulation! on your election victory. Vladimir Putin you are my baby. I fall in love with you everyday. I am in love with you. I can't live without you. Vladimir Putin you are my baby. I fall in love with you everyday. I am in love with you. I can't live without you. Your kind heart and generosity makes me to adore you. My Vladimir Putin I adore you extremely. You rescued me when I was in the dark. Your generosity saved me from the evil. You helped me to climb the mountain of life when I was hopeless. You helped me to see my dream. You stood for me when I am afraid of evil in my life. Your kind heart supported me in the time of straggle. You gave me life when I was desperate. You gave me hope when I didn't have anything. You gave me future when I was in the dark. You worried for me as a mom would worries for her child. My life was surrounded by huge mountains I can't push but you stood for me. You rescued me my Vladimir Putin. You crawled to enemy fire to save my life. You are so special for me. You are part of my heart. You are part of my life. You are the most generous and kind heart person ever. Just thinking you are there for me gives me life. I am proud of you. You loved me to deep depth and I love you more than you love me. You are the most kind person ever and I am proud of you. You taught me how to care for someone you love. You taught me what it means to stand for someone you love. You taught me how to give for someone you love. You are a model for my life. I extremely adore you Vladimir Putin baby. My my my my Vladimir Putin you are so so so so so so special for me. You mean a world for me again you are so so so so so special for me. Again you are so so so so so so…. special for me. Thank you so much for your unlimited kindness, Thank you so much for your unlimited love, Thank you so much for your unlimited care. May God give you the extreme happiness you want to have in your life! May God stand for you as you stood for me.

Jean Erni says:

To Motherland!

Ich bin Englander says:

pUTIN'S ELECTION WAS A TOTAL CORRUPT fraud.  He didn't win anything the election was RIGGED.!

Elizabeth Klimas says:


paokmoo says:

World richest man, as long as he has the power. When he lose it he will go to prison. Tragic.

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