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In this Episode we will look at, how too create this graphic design concept using Photoshop. We will see how to cut any image into pieces and apply a nice slice effect to it. WE will be using Gradient map to get the depth. Check out the video to see the whole process.

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Model : Isha Blaaker

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AFk says:

what do he does at minuts 1:31 ? TY<3

Yoko Lee G says:

Got completely lost at the selection part.

bloo jkl45 says:

Wow just amazing!!

Noble Savage says:

I got lost at the pen tool part

Jean Shirazawa says:

Arnold Schwarzneger

TheNostalgicGamer says:

Why convert to smart object if you’re gonna rasterize the layer? O.o

Art by Arita says:

Thats cool! I will try it!

Rui Urbano says:

did he said tomato control at 4:40 minute? xD

Toni says:

yo i love all the help you're giving us, and for that i'm subbed, but ur accent has me dying xD

Jason Kovac Official says:

This is epic dude, well done, props to you. 🙂

Sello Mokganya says:

stuck on the selection part. over to Photoshop Tutorials – PSt. this guys doesnt help much. god vid tho.

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