Breast Cancer Cells Dying From Taxol Treatment

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Live cell imaging of breast cancer cells being killed by the chemotherapy drug taxol. Cells are expressing GFP:tubulin. Cells were imaged at 20X with a spinning disc confocal microscope. Cancer cells are being treated with taxol


fanofzimmertwins says:

It appears that the taxol is attacking the cancer cells.

David says:

Taxols such as paclitaxel are natural compounds derived from yew trees ! I know that vinca alkaloids from periwinkle plants are also cytotoxic agents.

Sisi Feng says:

Hi, the video is so beautifully shot! Thought I know little about these cells. I'm a film major student and I'm making an experimental films about cells. Can I include your videos about cancer cells in my film? It's just student project and non-profit. How can I get in touch with you?

Taher Nassar says:

@ShirleyLedlie thats not true at all …

soulswithin says:

Just what I needed to see before my third chemo trtmt. Thank you! I've been needing to visualize this and now I am driven to get thru this, only one more to go. My complete respect to all who face this. Love to you all.

fg2000 says:

A/C was a cakewalk in comparison to Taxol. I have never experienced so much pain in all of my life.. . .My heart goes out to all women who are currently undergoing or who have previously undergone Taxol treatments. Not fun.

Andreas Rønning says:

How long did this take real time?

Lillian Yun says:

this is amazing

marcuslab says:

Breast cancers cells are being treated with the popular anti-mitotic agent paclitaxel, which inhibits breast cancer cell division. So you are visualizing breast cancer cells unable to undergo mitosis (cell division) and form abnormal mitotic spindles (bright regions in rounded cells). Over time the cells continue to round up and eventually die (apoptosis). Hope this helps.

Ofek NY says:

Could explain what's going on here?

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