Latest News Today – PM modi govt speech live update plastic banknotes in five cities news headlines

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Latest News Today – PM modi govt speech live update plastic banknotes in five cities news headlines.

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Viratsingh Viratsingh says:

1rupe ka noat hai

Anand Barnwal says:

bhai aapka video to acha hota hai par sare video me starting bakwash bahut bolte ho. please topic ko jyada mat khumao a se 1 se swa minute ke video ko khich kar 3-4 minute bna dete ho. @AD

mumtaz alam says:

10rep new not

Deepak Singh says:


Pramod Kumar says:

1 2 5 10 hai

Varsha Ghatte Varsha Ghatte says:

Rs.five rupees ka note

Ram Srup says:

sahi mudde par

Arvind Gupta says:

Band pade 500 aur 1000 ke note ki value 1 rupee ke note se bhi kam hai …..


5 rupees ka

pawan kumar says:

Ek rupaye kq

Aarish Khan says:

Questions answered 20

Geetaben Vala says:

Pahle ke jamane me sone ke sikke.bad me chandi ke.tabeke.pittal ke kagaj ke or abhi plastic ke to hamare Des kitna vikas Kar Raha he a is se sabit hita he

DLS News says:

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