Stage 4 Breast Cancer Treatment Options [Every Women Should Know]

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Stage 4 breast cancer treatment options
Know More Metastatic Diagnosis:

Stage 4 breast cancer is also known as metastatic breast cancer. It is the most advanced stage of breast cancer, in which the cancer is spread beyond the breast area to other organs in the body, most often the bones, lungs, liver or brain.

Treatment for stage 4 breast cancer doesn’t cure the disease. Patients with stage 4 breast cancer may live for years, but it’s usually life-threatening at some point

Stage 4 breast cancer treatment options

1. Chemotherapy
Chemotherapy is often the main treatment for stage 4 breast cancer, which can slow down the growth of cancer.

2. Hormone therapy
Hormone therapy can be helpful for women with hormone receptor positive cancers. That means certain hormones like estrogen or progesterone can stimulate the growth of cancer.

3. Radiation therapy
Radiation therapy uses strong X-rays or other forms of radiation, to both destroy cancer cells and slow down cancer growth.

4. Surgery
Surgical options for stage 4 breast cancer depend on where the cancer has spread.

5. Targeted therapy
Targeted therapy for stage 4 breast cancer, are drugs that work by targeting very specific sites on a cancer cell.

These are 5 popular Stage 4 breast cancer treatment options which modern medicine can offer, However, Remember that prevention is better than cure.

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Your Family Doctor says:

This is my favorite video you have made. I love your videos so much. They help me everyday. And I hope other people feel the same. 🙂 :3 :D?

T.Eugene Ricks Jr. says:

In my opinion I believe Holistic or Naturopathic Medicine options are better than Conventional Medicine options for stage 4 breast cancer because the immune system is already compromised plus with the side effects will be to much for the body's immune system to handle. I lost my Mother who tried 2 of the Conventional options. God bless! O:-)

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