Sir John Hegarty: Advertising Legend

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Sir John Hegarty at CreativeMornings Paris, September 2012. Free events like this one are hosted every month in dozens of cities. Discover hundreds of talks from the world’s creative community at

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charlemar charlemar says:

Oh hey……Good-Bye.

charlemar charlemar says:

…and before I go….I am I in advertising? Because I get good imaginative ad ideas everyday for years. That is no big thing. I want to sell a widget. That is the problem. People are here because they cannot make movies but what to be looked upon as a filmmaker but the real goal is selling. The agency's are filled with awards. SO WHAT! How did they increase the sales with the ad. For years advertising has been hiding from the client trying to pretend the agency is mystical. It's time to be honest with the client and only do stuff that sells widget, not art. Building the image of the company is different, but the bottom line is who cares how pretty the ad is if you cannot run it and are broke. (I just looked up and they still have not motioned him to stand in another place.

charlemar charlemar says:

God I am soooooooooooooo sick of easily made videos that are FUCKED UP by the most simple things! Usually it's the idiot sound person and now we are suppose to watch this guy with a slide image shinning on him the entire time FUCK YOU I DON'T CARE WHAT HE HAS TO SAY GOOD BYE!


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the earth is actually flat do some research! ask the question why so many people still think it's flat.

Camelot __ says:

This is excatly how i get new ideas in this industry, when im not feeling creative for days or sometimes for weeks ..New ideas usually pop up when i dont expect them. It can happen ,anywhere,any place,and usually im triggered by some random situation or something that someone said or did .. Talking to random people on the street,just hanging out.. can really help when you are burnout from this job sometimes,and then it just happens in split second you have an insight or AHA! moment and you are ready to RocknRoll…Nice lecture,

JB Video says:

The world is very different now to how it was in your "golden age" of advertising. Back then with enough cash you could blot out the sun with an ad on one of the three TV channels that everyone in the country watched, all you needed was a truck full of cash and a half baked idea. Try doing that today and see where you end up. Today's creatives have to understand and respect audiences and further more they have to be able to tackle the deep complexitys of digital. The days of simple telling people what to like, like some kind of elitist dictator are about as ancient a Picasso himself.

Brendan Fagan says:

Walt Disney was not an animator, he was a director

S. Hamza Ali says:

You could tell the audience is really young creatives. Maybe it's just a language barrier but these people are not eloquent at all. They're speaking for 5 mins and no idea what they're saying. He even politely tells him to wrap it the fuck up.

Hanniffy Dinn says:

Nobody does creative ads like the Xbox life is short advert, he's right advertising these days is bollocks.

Linzy CrYpToN Davis says:

hello this is great

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