My 1st CHEMO treatment | Breast Cancer | HERSTORY – Episode 3

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Have you ever wondered what Chemotherapy feels like? Well this is a quick video to tell you exactly what I experienced during my first chemo treatment.

…I look to my left and there is someone playing solitaire on their iPad. To my right, someone quietly reading a book. Both in their own space. No one speaks. But they look up briefly for a quick glance…and smile.

So yes I had a brief meltdown when I first walked in. I’m tearing up now just thinking about it all over again. It was scary y’all. But thankfully I had my hubby right there to help me get through it. Now I’m a Pro! Well somewhat…

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MsSassyMT says:

Awww. My daughter's visits were always hard. She gets so tired of hearing: But you're so young. I told her to start saying: Well tell cancer that.

HangerWiz says:

Thank you Marsha! I know it might sound like a cliché, but watching your videos really does give me strength. I know you'll "ring that bell" soon.

Candice Dixon says:

Hang in there Marsha!! God has your back!!

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