50 Centuries in 50 minutes (A Brief History of Mathematics)

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John Dersch (9/19/12)

How did we get the mathematics that is studied today? Who was responsible for major advances in the mathematics that we now take for granted? When and where did this work take place? Such questions will be addressed by tracing the development of mathematics from 3000 B.C. to the dawn of the 21st century. There will be time for questions and suggestions for further study will be made.


TiddlyJack says:

Brilliant lecture… But he was unbelievably brutal to that one student who asked the question he didn't like… Very demeaning… Spoiled the whole thing for me…

Cosroe says:

11:01 Rubaiyat is one of my favourite reads and memorizations. Omar was a mathematician of considerable penetration who also gave expression in poetry to Persia's freest thought.

Tokaji Leo says:

nothing about the mezoamerican math like the maya?

p dee says:

There can be no discussion of Mathematics without mentioning the Bakshail Manuscript and the preceding knowledge. This is just to start with, there numerous other numerous other manuscripts in the Vedas and related texts that expouses previous studies in Mathematics and Astronomy. This lecture is incomplete and lacks substance in the absence of history

Lee Maples says:

The audio quality of the video is not very good. Just needs the be E.Q.`d a little to be more natural sounding. Easy fix really.

UnitedPebbles says:

I can do a whole piece of paper on the pyramid and the mathematics involved?  it is investigative?

UnitedPebbles says:

Can you sum this video up as that early math was involved functions or to applied? Given the facts were based on some concrete/tangible evidences i.e. architecture that survived the destruction of time?

David Wilkie says:

You could have ten lectures like this in succession and say after each one, "and then it gets more interesting ". Thanks.



علي عمر says:

This app is a good challenge to see how fast you are in mathematics

jeff q says:

Europeans went from nomads to walking on the moon in 384 years? ( @16:22 1585 to 1969) and all these other civilizations had a couple thousand years head start … kudos white people

Tony James says:

The called in the Dark Ages for a reason.

Just think of where we might be if that hadn't sucked out centuries of scientific advancement.

the reptilian dude says:

Proof by deducting reasoning was started in asia by the chinese and the indians, that was a very racist statement to say.
Most of white people have racism imprinted into their culture, just like romans had slavery inprinted into their culture.
They just dont realize when they do something racist.
(and btw racism is a human trait not a white man trait, so chinese and blacks can also be racists)

jonnie303 says:

Superb presentation, loved it. Only thing missing, for me, was the invention (or discovery) of imaginary numbers.

John Augsburger says:

I love this stuff!

Khalid Ul Ijchk says:

Modern math origins from north africa and andalucia…stolen by force and massacres and all original books burned by the churche of hate and lied for for centuries as europe has a complex of its own history as the comments section show. (btw not only math but also music system, music, mapping of the world, navigation, architecture, ….).

mark th says:

Awesome that's all there is to say

starmanskye says:

WoW ~ This lecturer John Dersch is SO wonderful … He has the knack/gift for hiolding attention and imparting knowledge in a very engaging, interesting and personable way, ie with the sensitivity and depth of charisma~ I LOVE his style. Maybe the subject and his apparant appreciation for the history of mathematics is what makes his lecture so intriguing …

Action Potential says:

I can't believe he doesn't mention the Kerala school of Mathematics scholars who discovered the infinite series and Calculus. Piece if shit..

Altair says:

Totally ignorant video. Title should be 'a brief history of Europe's Mathematics'

Reza Karim says:

I watched the whole thing in one go and I think I have A.D.D


thank you professor ! it was an awesome lecture 😀

William Carter says:

How many years is that?

jacob bogers says:

muslims cuck blower, please fuk off

R Leakey says:

One correction, the dating of mathematics in India seems unrealistic. It should be before Egypt or at least on same time line of Egypt and Babylonia. Archaeologists have discovered some weight and measurement devices at Harrapa (Indus Valley) which are dated more than 5K years ago.

Sanjay Patel says:

The amazing constructions of the ancient Egyptian Pyramids clearly demonstrate an advanced state of mathematics however either that knowledge was 'lost', destroyed or maybe never was written down limits what 'proof' we can find today. Only the stones survive

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