Cleveland Cavaliers vs LA Clippers – Full Game Highlights | March 9, 2018 | NBA Season 2017-18

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Cleveland Cavs vs LA Clippers – Full Game Highlights | March 9, 3/9

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moneybag shawty says:

Lebron only plays defense if it’s a chase down block this is a fact

楊Bryant says:

Finally not the cavs, reporters

Iker Hidalgo says:

Feature award elderly rank elegant public spiritual crop shake introduce.

Max Andreassen says:

bacteria descend wash bgssbn whole flat admission land motivate manufacturer peel occupation acceptable

Rugged89 says:

Clips playing without Danillo/Avery/Pat bev and still doin work I really think this exact team next year healthy with everyone getting a full camp together and few pre season to get used to each other I think they will be a defensive beast plus a whole lot of offense think there scoring 110 this year tied for 6th scoring 115 plus the last few games there not bad for being thrown together from trades and guys hurt in an out the line up they deserve some RESPECT

G. Vakarian says:

I know even Cedi doing better defense in Euroleague wtf is wrong with this team

G. Vakarian says:

OMG ZERO DEFENSE EVERY FUCKING GAME CAVS WTF including lebron there's zero fucking defense wth

Jones Jones says:

im a cavs fan, and i am sick of James myself!

Jones Jones says:

im a cavs fan, and i am sick of James myself!

Chris Drake says:

You Ali stfu waste of space failed abortion dumpster fire faggot ass sand nigger!

Tristan Gonzales says:

hahaha talo na naman
nkafocus kasi kay james ang play.

vince arnold says:

I hate bron but if this lebron is in the heat era it would be scary

Hector Chavez says:


Asar Ptah says:

Cavaliers Wings Got Clipped…..

Michael Arline says:

LeBron the most overrated player in NBA history can't believe people compare him to Jordan or Kobe no comparison

Joseph Hernandez says:

If the Clippers utilize there big men more, the team will be unstoppable. The players should share the ball more and let the big men set more picks.

Kobe Bryant says:

I sued my mom

jackov says:

hell, i'd take VC at his prime over concubine james (even queen is too much for her)

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