Boogie2988 Getting Weight Loss Surgery (My Response)

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Jeb Voorhees says:

I've been flamed before by saying this, but if your physically able to lose weight then you should do it by diet and exercise. If you get the surgery your basically forcing your body to starve itself due to the fact the stomach is unable to hold large amounts of food anymore. I know of two people who have had weight loss surgery and they have issues with absorbing vitamins and minerals which resulted in 1 death. Please rethink it.

Yeahman696 says:

My mom was once 320 and had gastric bypass and it has basically ruined her quality of life. I personally wouldn’t recommend anyone get this unless they’ve got the best surgeons around.

@2L3git2quit says:

My Aunt got a surgery and Watching her eat sucks because she can only eat golf ball sized meals and is always weak. Just loose the weight naturally people it boosts your confidence and you still can eat enough food to keep your energy high. It also teaches you discipline and helps you battle your own demons.

Sashido Zerako says:

he should of just done Keto and Intermittent fasting loce about 30 pounds in almost 2 months 🙂

sasuke2483692 says:

My God. If you looks at his movement and his face in these clips, his attitude and appearance has changed so drastically and I'm so happy for him. I hope he continues on with a good diet and as he loses more weight is able to exercise more and more until he can do everything he wants without pain from his back and knees.

Howii says:

I remember being young and seeing Boogies Francis vids and being like this guy is hilarious and dumb, then saw how Boogie really was and was so damn surprised at how intelligent he actually is

getoffmyd says:

Calories in vs calories out. They lack discipline…..

boba fett says:

You should get gastric bypass in your brain for that big ass head.

ScoopTV says:

Why the fuck do you need a response video for something that has nothing to do with you?

JayBruce says:

Ultimately, WLS still allows you to eat until you’re full, eat for emotional fulfillment, etc. You aren’t bettering yourself or improving your fortitude by getting surgery.

Skankhunt42 says:

I would subscribe and watch your videos but I hate that rap intro and rapmusic in your videos. I just can't listen that shit.

zy lix says:

Well the problem is if they suck out fat you can mess up your amune system which is really bad and it can kill you, also its much better cutting it off naturally

Mykey McK says:

It's not an easy fix. A friend had this done and started loosing her hair due to not being able to eat enough to get the requirement for her body. You still have to make diet and life changes.

Jessie Braun says:

When I was 18 my mother died and my weight spiraled out of control and my grandmother convinced me I needed to get the lapband. It was the biggest mistake in my life and after it nearly killed me from the band slipping the weight piled back on. It took years for me to get back to a healthy weight. I’m 100% believe surgery is right for some people but that it is used far too often

darrell clifton says:

You are GREAT!!! I hope to see you on national TV one day inspiring many others.

Jeffrey Ragsdale says:

Your comments and Boogie's story match up to what I've understood about weight-loss surgery: the LAST resort without which said patient would not live another year.

I'm about 70-100 pounds overweight, but I know very well I can get rid of it naturally, which is what I am doing now (five pounds gone in two weeks with safe eating and appropriate exercise).

Kudos to you and Boogie.

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