Tobacco Dependence – causes, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, pathology

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What is tobacco dependence? Tobacco dependence is the reliance on nicotine one gets from smoking tobacco to function normally, which comes with a large number of negative health consequences.

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Blissful One says:

This was good info! Thanks. I'm on day number 15. My coach (thru texts) thinks I should not want a cigarette at this point. I still want a cigarette. Walked by someone at the store today, they were smoking it smelled like a great dinner. Holy shit!!! Not sure I can do this. Does anybody really know how long it will be before I don't think they're yummy? I really want to quit. This is so bloody hard.

Sirran Haal says:

Don't forget polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons; good board fodder

-TheCokeAddict- says:

Cigarettes are so glamorous though

Ankur Sharma says:

Falling in love with medicine bcz of u

Lark Andrews says:

i get guilt trips every time i light a cigg.

77magicbus says:

Unbelievable job of demonstrating very complex processes and ideas. Excellent narration and illustrations.

Nadia Mahmoud says:


Taimoor Ashraf says:

There must be a group of geniuses out there making these videos. You have made learning medicine most pleasurable job for me. Thank you 🙂

Shubham Rapartiwar says:

You deserve waaay more likes and viewing!

Shubham Rapartiwar says:

Really really awesome way of providing information! Fell in love with your channel. Going to recommend to everyone i meet!

Cool Cloud says:

Amazing work guys 🙂
Understood the concepts In less than 10 minutes that I haven't been able to understand slogging with medical textbooks since 2 years .

Jeff Suchard says:

Can you provide any evidence that Carbon Monoxide is a carcinogen (as stated at 1:15 in the video)? Although CO is certainly toxic, it is not generally considered a carcinogen.

noelc93c says:

great! now i need a cigarette

Osams Taefe ما في مقارنه says:

thank you. you are the best

S Alaka says:

I guess cigarettes aren't very sexy after all…

mechanic1756 says:

Very useful info for both lay and professional folks. Thank you

Jackie Hansen says:

I humbly request a video on marijuana.

Maria Vega says:

can you please do a video about Vitamin D Deficiency ♡ Please and thank you.

Haider Issa says:

Thank you very much!
can you give us names or titles of best books to read for medicine?

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