Smoking: My nicotine addiction

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Samo Sabina says:

Hejjj odakle si

Samo Sabina says:

I loveeee taste of a nicotine,its so good

Craig Dallas says:

You are an incredibly enticing, unbelievably sexy woman and I wish to thank you for posting this. You sre real, natural,you do not even need to try to look sexy, you just are! I love to hear you talking about your addiction and to see how much you love and need to smoke, and that you realize you have no chance of ever quitting. The way your full, perfect lips look as you suck the deadly, addictive tar into your perfect body , the need, the bondage. All too perfect! And hiding inside you are your slowly blackening, tar-soaked lungs, once perfect, but now addicted forever, until they are reduced to shrivelled, ravaged useless cancerous organs, totally destroyed after millions of inhalations. And there is no chance you can ever quit. very sexy! I want

Mother of God says:

Love how bad you need smoke so bad

Mother of God says:

All little girls should start smoking at a young age like 4 or 5

Mother of God says:

I would pay good money to see you smoke for me in a custom video.

Cheshire Idiot says:

Kissing a non smoker HORRIBLE. Only smoker can kiss well.

sleepawacamp says:

Thank you for sharing your addiction with us. You’re so beautiful! I love your style and passion for smoking. Xo

Martina Todorovic says:

Hey I am right now in Bosnia and I would love to meet you. I think you are so funny and cool. Smjesna si <3 Jese mozemo upoznat? Moj momak pusi isto

Ms SinAnn's Sexy Smoking Nicotine Addiction says:

So hot. Proof that real women know they're irresistibly sexy when they light-up to satisfy their utterly irresistible, hard core need for nicotine. All those painfully boring, non-smoking "good girls" can't compete with an elegant, alluring smoking goddess.

Shrinivas Mutalik says:

Hey i smoke occasionally but want to smoke everyday.any help?

Tan Poliak says:

wet and smoke…yes!

volvopp1 says:

I am so in phase with your thought, I am a smoke lover, I love all about it, the taste, the odor, the feel. As you do, I would never go out with a non smoker. I am smoking my pack a day, like you not coughing, I embrace my addiction. Life so empty without it. Make me feel alive and sexy. I have my own company so I can smoke as much as I want. I do appreciate proud smoker like you, as you look so natural and feminine smoking.

Krešo M. Šokre says:

Hehe non smoker ima drugih opojnih okusa. Ako neš jednu ovisnost mijenjati drugom proširiš spektar…

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