Simple Math Tricks You Weren’t Taught at School

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Do you want to get better at math, impress your teacher, and fool your friends? It’s not your fault if you’re terrible at math — maybe you just didn’t know these simple math tricks.

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Hey guys! Are you good at math? What is your favorite subject in school?

didie i says:

My teacher touaght me all of those facts

Demetri Alexander says:

I got taught some of this in school

Madhab Panda says:

Acient Indian mathmaticien wrote this.

Twisted Legend says:

Actually the pic on the thumbnail, I figured it out a week ago

University Of Roblox says:

Praise the lord because i saw his in ym reconmended!!! NOW I DONT HAVE ANY PROBLEMS WITH ADDING AND SUBTRACTING FRACTION!! YES YES BEST DAY OF MY LIFE! IM GONNA BE TOP 1!!!! oh and thank u for the other ones. OHHH SWEET GONNA BE 91 to 100 in math! Oh he teacher gonna say im smarter than my always top 1 classmate!

Yazz says:

My math teacher is the best! I'm not intelligent today because of him. He told me some tricks that are not mentioned here. I'm not a honor student if he wasn't on school. Thanks BTW!

Xandria Ng says:

I dont get the first ine =|

Ton Italia says:

Thefirst sum is not good.

AngryToast101 jmn says:

My teacher told the thing in the thumbnail a very long time ago, i learn’t it when like grade 1

Poppy Super fan says:

My favourite subject is recess and lunch

Blue Acidball says:

23/20 is actually equals to 1 3/20, not 1 23/20.

Nurul Azmi says:

my teacher alredy taught me

Georgia Felix says:

The first one is wrong the answer is 1 3/20

Labiko Fugibarashi says:

Wow! Cool! I am a math nerd and it made my math calculations more easier!

live _JD says:

I did get thought this in 5the grade

Cobe Pe says:


Squeaky Egg Egg says:

Thanks bright side !!!! Now I'm good at Math!

Milyn Lardera says:

The answer in mix number should be 1 3/20…

godvekin61 says:

My favourites is English

Surasak Chuenprayoon says:

I’d rather find out the answer my self

Surasak Chuenprayoon says:

It’s way complicating using that finger methord

Surasak Chuenprayoon says:

The 1is wrong

srilekha sri says:

Awesome vedio nice to remember n consummes less time in exams

Azhaan Minhaj says:

The butterfly method is supposed to be 1 2/3 not 1 23/20

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