Top 10 Upcoming Smartphones 2018

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Best Top 10 Smartphones Arriving in 2018. Details on iPhone X Plus, iPhone 9, Samsung Galaxy S9, Note 9 & More! The Future Is Here.

More Galaxy S9 Leaks:

Galaxy S9 Concept Video:


Zishawn Malik says:

The was cool… I hope they upgrade it

[] ZerexGaming [] says:

Galaxy X??? Not Galaxy F, Galaxy Fold?

[] ZerexGaming [] says:

battery increased? i think apple needs help with battery lif from samsung

Jessie Cox says:

I hope Samsung gets rid of the screen burn

leon meyer says:

Place fault conference brand pole financial unlikely resolution lack medical crash.

Sunita Garg says:

I see this video 5 times

Diddy Koeller says:

samsung…..STOP IT!  All you are doing is sucking consumer money with tiny changes. Taking ZERO risks.  I mean, you take the s8 and note 8 and out a biometrics sensor in a place that was almost comical and sat back and laughed and said watch them eat it.  This is why companies like Huawei will be a bigger name than sammy within 10 years.  Be bold, take risks.  Put out something NEW for christs sake

Ellie Leeming says:

Samsung is an expensive brand selling cheap and nasty phones
They want their phones to be better and more like the leading brand – Apple so what they might do is call their newest piece of garbage aka phone and name it Samsung galaxy X or 10 just like what Apple was doing
So nobody waste your time on a stupid Samsung device
If want a decent phone with originality go to Apple and I’m sure u will be satisfied with your product
Also I’m not even gonna mention how bad Samsung’s pooy tablets are
Get an iPad – live your life to the fullest and don’t go Samsung go Apple
Thanks to everyone reading this comment and I hope you will agree with me xx

dog com says:

Im having an iPhone 5 this year 2018

Chizard x says:

I had high Hopes you would mention Huawei honor or P Series

Bintang Bisma - Gaming says:

Subs Gw Juga

Pear says:

I love Tacos but I love Samsung more than my Taco!

kiran fernandes says:

New Emojis in iPhone 11 to be Launched in the US –

Elos byuri says:

why isnt there other devices with IOS ?

Natheer AlAzawii says:

What is the launcher you use for mi mix ?

Lucius Ugoh says:

nice video
but can i get an iphone x from you

Chris Hidalgo says:

which phone is standing up at 10:17??

JDM CJM says:

If there is one phone feature I could not care less about it's 3D touch

Donschnulione says:

Thumbnail is Bad Photoshopped xD

Benleestwart 12 says:

And the red colour

Benleestwart 12 says:

Except for the dual rear camera

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