Removal Of My Nerve Block Catheter

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Destiny taking out the nerve block catheter tube in my neck from my anterior labrum repair (Torn ligament in my shoulder)


John Unger says:

Thanks for the post. I got to remove mine in 2 days. Not looking forward to it

Phil H says:

thanks for posting this. I'm about to do the exact same thing so it was helpful.

Butta Luv says:

The both of you are annoying and feed off each other. Smh. Clowns

sunstarsmoon says:

I want to thank you for posting this. I pulled out my husbands catheter this morning, and because I saw this first I knew how it was supposed to go. I hope you recovered quickly!

Samuel Miller says:

gosh man up im doing the same thing today and im not nearly as hard as you with only 5/8 and a clear nose. man u should prob wish me luck.

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