In the Money Options – A Stock Traders Secret Weapon

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Close learn why the in the money options are used by stock traders to make more money.

A simple, easy to understand, step-by-step, and FREE way to learn options trading:

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robert sifiso ntobela says:

Sure you are very good with your explainations ! Thks

Suzanne Ramoundos says:

Hi, great video, very new stuff to us. Want to make sure we understand clearly. There are trade costs and contract costs in addition to strike premium so even more is lost from gain especially if you are Newbies like us. Can you please clarify if one is always considering the stock price or the current premium price when trading an option. You mentioned delta..unfamiliar word. But just to get the simplified concept..does one watch the premium each day for a particular call date or is one watching the stock price or is it both somehow. Thanks for the help.

Very Hoosh says:

If they are all profitable at that time, why would'nt you buy all of them and sell them right away?


What happens in these two scenarios at the time of expiration… If the stock went below the "current' market price $733 (but remained above the $675 strike price) do you lose just partial of the premium paid? If the stock price fell even below the $675 strike price, I assume here definitely, you would loose your premium?

I am assuming you can cut your losses without losing all of the premium paid?

Thanks! Great video!

nj732kid says:

hey what do you think about a ditm about a week before a bio tech company might have a drug approved by fda i have never traded ditm but i think this is a good play if it can go up 40 percent in a week . the stock is very cheap and has lost 50 percent value over the year . i think i see the approvel bringing it back to its 1 year high . i wouldnt mind giving you the ticker and you tell me what you think …

Ejaz Sahib says:

One of the best teacher of option trading in the world. A real maestro….!!

bluenetmarketing says:

Thank you Travis for your great videos!

joe blow says:

travis i hav been following option prices that dont change much with big gains in stocks,,,,i heard u say a 10 percent move in a stock can equal a 100 percent gain in an option,,,i have not seen any evidence in that,,i must be missing something,,,,,i have bought call options that gained very lil money when the stock has jumped significantly,,im back to stocks only now

Boon Vang says:

Sorry for this newbie question. I am new to this stuff and I am just kind of understanding the concepts.
My question is for put options.
Do you have to own the stock to buy the put options?

EN4ORC3R says:

what's the trading platform you're using?

gp5 says:

Ok this is what I don't understand, let's say company XYZ is trading at $50 per share, and you go and buy a deep in the money call option contract with a strike price of $43, can you then turn around and exercise your option and sell the stock at market price and make $7 profit per share??

Av trejo says:

your videos would be so much better if you explained everything instead of saying "I'm not going to get into that right now" people want to know the little tips and details! 

Trader Travis says:

If you bought an option $20 in the money it would cost you probably $21+/- so no you wouldn't be able to immediately sell it for a profit 🙂

Micah F says:

If you by a call option thats "in the money" right off the back, lets say its $20 in the money …. They have 100 shares ( 1 contract ), thats a 2000 profit? CAN they turn around and sell it right away for a $200 profit??????? I really dont understand that part… Or do they have to hold it before they can "cash in" so to speak. Thanks a lot these videos are really helpful for connecting the dots!

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