Top 10 Gossip Girl Moments

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These were the moments that had viewers everywhere yelling three letters: O-M-G! Join MsMojo as we count down our picks for Top 10 Gossip Girl Moments. Subscribe►►… Facebook►► Twitter►► Instagram►►

For this list, we’re looking at the biggest shockers, cliffhangers and sexy hookups of the hit teen drama. We’ll be heading into some spoiler territory here, as the fates of a few characters are revealed on this list– so, spoiler alert!

Special thanks to mac121mr0, Desirée M and Elena Peniche, for submitting this idea on our interactive suggestion tool at

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Sapphire Bass says:

Number one is seriously the best

Julie Chenot says:

Honestly I couldn’t watch the show it was too long and boring at times

Anny Meyer says:

i really wanted dan and blair to end up together 🙁

Carly Flores says:

serena didn’t leave because she slept with nate, she left because she thought she killed someone.

Manshi Nagar says:

Am i the only one who puked at 4:51

Fierra2000 says:

I can name better top 10 moments and #1 should have been the reveal of Gossip Girl.

Xavier Henriquez says:

All Chuck and Blair moments are the best❤

Erika Lindberg says:

I love the first scene

Kaitlyn Wyre says:

10 Most Shameless Moments in "Shameless" (US)

Do it!!!

elizabeth heitzman says:

I figured out who gossip girl was at the end of season 1

Jordan McGuffey says:

You should of added Nate and Serena moments.

Viktoria Petrova says:

i totally agree with your list
My favorite moment is the first when blair fall in love with chuck
I know you love me
XOXO Gossip Girl

Katharina Schreiner says:

I think the most shocking was Jenny had sex with Chuck

NeLe says:

Like for Warning alert of Spoilers

Watch Olivia's Music Vids and More says:

ok how was blake lively not mentioned?!

Maddog 101 says:

Dorota the bomb. . .

Fhillip Carl Bagsic says:

Serena with Carter
Dan with Blair
Lily with Rufus

that's how things should have ended, not with the real ending. smh

iconictvmoments says:

How do they not see how despicable Dan is that he's gossip girl?! He quite literally, is the shallowest of them all.

Georgia Kyranis says:

Ooh but that time when Ivy, Sage, Georgina, Serena and Blair joined forces against Bart. I'm sorry but that's by far my favourite.

Lalala Lilili says:

I hate Lily so much haha. So glad she ended up with the manipulative guy and not with Rufus. He is too good for her.

xoheartinohioxo says:

Hey, do a list about all of Chuck and Blair's abusive moments!

xoheartinohioxo says:

Let me guess, this list will romanticize and glorify the abusive relationship between Chuck and Blair?? #chuckbassisanabusivepos

Emily says:

I knew Dan was Gossip Girl when he showed up at the bar & Serena was waiting for Gossip Girl

Andrew Scozzari says:

Im nearing the end of season 4, and while im not gonna stop that deep in, I must say the show is getting very boring and repetitive. Its the same concept every episode. Everyone fucks each other over by day, then by night, they all end up at the same event or gala and all the dirt comes out. Its getting annoying. Am I the only one who feels/felt that way?

Anna Xoxo says:

Chuck and Blair=Chair

Girl Theorist says:


Girl Theorist says:

chuck and blair are so great
like chuck developed so much (so well)

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