Bahamas – Famous people gossip

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f86sabjf says:

That’s why you go to the Bahamas . The people not the Tourist junk

chris96298 says:

Cool guy, cool vid!

Barry Deditch says:

This we be the person I would like to meet.

NEd Bosley says:

Now that was cool

jake2213b says:

That was a very neat guy. I learn if a person is a good painter they use no tape. I seen a guy painting a 3 inch white strip on a wall freehand. It look way better then I could do with tape and was done twice as fast.

piney power says:

On a roll paull

Jason Ashley says:

That guy was awesome you guys need to bring him back some wine and sit down and tell some more stories

Jason Scarbrough says:

Very cool! I could spend hours talking with that guy! I'm sure he has a bunch of very interesting stories!

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