Mathematics at MIT

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Mathematics has played an important part at MIT since the founding of the Institute. Mathematics occupies a core intellectual position at MIT, an institution that is well known for its leadership in Science and Engineering. (Learn more about the MIT Mathematics:

Video: Melanie Gonick, MIT News

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Sterling Lowery says:

If it there wasn't advance mathematics we wouldn't have computers or the Internet.

MoonS1337 says:

In my Graphic Design class, I created a fake mailer for this school.

Alex McCullough says:

Meanwhile I’ve got a 2.6

Panda Chong says:

What would Sheldon Cooper say to this?

Clarence White says:


Fahad Alhajri says:

I used to study 8 hours everyday just to pass my pre-calculus and I did I got out of that class with C. Fuck math.

carlo zarosi says:

Fuckin 8% chance like what kind of asshole puts that in place?!

carlo zarosi says:

It pains me to know that I’ll never get into that school

Viola1059 says:

neat but if I had absolutely no other option than to pay $100k to get an advanced math degree or $100k to hire an assassin to shoot me where I stand y'all would be missin me.

Vishranti Kadam says:


murloc nightcrawler says:

Can they do Integration using first principle?

abc zyx says:

MIT: Creating the future with math and science
Meanwhile at my school…
Teacher: Alright, this is the easiest question I'm going to ask you this year. What is the natural log of e?
Me in head: "one"
Other students: (silence)
(One student nervously raises hand)
Teacher: Yes?
Student: e squared?
Teacher: (silence)
Me: (slams head on desk)

NintendopePokemonFreak Ruben says:

I used to hate math but math was just misunderstood and now I'm nicer towards it and am willing to know a bit more about this math

Rahul Jadli says:

Maths =equal parts

Muniyandai Manikandan says:

First revision maths test January 2 018

Notbigsoapy man says:

Everything is everything

日本人じゃあありません。私は says:

Whats wrong with the intro ? Like seriously, Why would you want so many equations at the same time. It only makes mathematics more stereotypically worse.
EDIT: Even someone who has phD in maths would think math is hard by just watching the intro. If you want to spread awareness about the beauty of mathematics, at least do not start the video with random equations popping of.

CoolStuff 1011 says:

I would not survive at a place like this.

SuperHan says:

My dick is a mathematics.

Juggrouxx says:

Why am I watching this, I’m not even studying in MIT

Elkk says:

Ayo MIT, if you tryna accept me for class of ‘22 let me know

Crimson Slayer says:

2 plus 2 is 4 minus 1 that's 3 quick maths

Skaterbyname 44 says:

Niggas got the stranger things intro

DivideByZero says:

relating math to its applications made me understand the subject. and one of its most significant applications is Computer Science and programming. especially graphics and game development.

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