“Virus” – Doki Doki Literature Club! Song by Andrew Stein [Music Video Lyrics]

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“Virus” an original Doki Doki Literature Club! song with lyrics by Andrew Stein Music
DOWNLOAD/STREAM THIS SONG ► http://giveheartrecords.com/virus
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Twitter ► http://twitter.com/andysteinmusic
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Mixed/Mastered by Shawn Christmas ► http://youtube.com/theshawnchristmas

Video by BrettUltimus ► http://twitch.tv/brettultimus


FelixTheBard says:

When is this ganna be on Google play?

FireHawk Clayton says:

Ya know, I normally don't like this kind of music, but for some reason, I like this song. That right there is a fucking achievement. Great work.


Do natsuki next xD

gouk black rosè says:

Making my defense Erode why

StoneXL says:

"Reality is broken"
And you're singing about the cause of it, Mr. MC.

Cápitan DOOM says:

“Pretty Poison rushing through my heart” before I learned the lyrics I thought he said “Pretty boys and Russian girl… my heart” and that was before I knew that this was a Doki Doki Literature Club song

Saul Peñafiel says:

para los que se enamoraron de Monika esta canción cae como anillo al dedo!! SO FUCKING AMAZING!!!!!

C.E.L.L. says:

"You're making my defenses erode." Is that supposed to sound dirty?

Drew Morse says:

are we sure this song is about monika?
It seems to me it could be monika talking about the main character

Bidoof says:

This is good. I love it. It's good.

Kira Stagg says:


rick ellis says:

I like how the video keeps resetting like the game.

Super Cool says:

1000th comment

Dylan Favila says:

Woah woah I want to know what type of genre of music this is cause I love it when rock “goes in this direction

May Marzo says:

Who's pov is this. It's either the protagonist or yuri

Jidayun says:

This sounds very 90s and I like it.

The_Opal says:

Damn Andrew Stein. Chills my dude. Chills. What else you got?

PossiblyPoisonous says:

"pretty poison rushing through my heart"
my username
sorry i'll leave lmao

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