The Best Sports Vines February 2018 (Part 2)

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Jake Skutta says:

This video was garbage. It was legit just patriot players getting injured. Expect better from you tbh

Carter V says:

What sport do you prefer????

Isaak says:

That's not from February WTF 10:51

Isaak says:

Using the same clip 3 times… 2:55 7:52 and 9:28

Amanti Holoman says:

The first one was back court

T and J Challenges says:

I was at the last vines game that my boy Mac

Ryan Bright says:

Whoever this is hates the patriots bc they leave out all the good plays the patriots made and keep coming back to the sb game where they didn't play their best

Adalinda Castillo says:

What's the song in the beggening

ronnie hall says:

i saw the super bowl the eagles won i couldn't baleav i won the against my persons

Guilherme Araújo says:

Escolinha do professor Raimundo

Koos de Boer says:

3 Times same video is nog funny

Moisés Rodrigues says:

Song? 》 7:56

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