How to write Script in Selenium Webdriver (First Testcase in Selenium)

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In this video we will cover how to click,type,dropdown using Selenium Webdriver.
We will use eclipse,firebug,firepath,selenium

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sagar says:

Nice and clear explanation……but there's lot of background noise…it would be helpful if you can remove it..(just a suggestion)

swaichha srivastava says:

Hi Mukesh ,excellent video , i tried using the above coding ,and error i am getting as import org.openqa.selenium.WebDriver – here i am getting error as this import is accessible from more than one module htmlunit.driver, org.apache.commons.lang3 to resolve this ?

Karla Parraga says:

I liked the video but had to stop half-way. The barking wouldn't let me concentrate!

Mashruf Arpan says:

The dogs are barking :p
anyways, nice video. Very helpful 🙂

Rahul Verma says:

Hi Mukesh, I am not able to open firefox using this script as I am getting error firefox driver exception. Please suggest how to resolve this error.

Chinnasamy G says:

Sir when I run the script on firefox browser which shows only empty page how to fix that

Thota Jayaramdas says:

Hi Mukesh, I am trying in alternate way i.e In PAYTM so that i can get trickets availability Information with out captcha.
And i need help in writing code for PAytm Date only FRIDAYS.

Thota Jayaramdas says:

Hi Mukesh, This is jayaram actually u have done a great job for sharing knowledge ond making people easy to learn and work.
And i am automating IRCTC site in selenium but i am unable to inspect "CAPTCHA" is there any solution for than and plz help me to automate IRCTC site.
Thanks and waiting for your reply.

Deepti Pandey says:

Having issue on running same code in latest firefox version. Can you please help me on this.

maurice wenig says:

Thanks m8. That was the only tutorial about that topic, that could really help. And it was perfect, thanks for the video and good luck in your future!

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