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All the details here 👉

Yewwww! We are stoked to announce our very own Film Festival and want all of you to be involved! You could win a trip to NYC, $3k in gear and get to hang out with the pros….. and us ☺️

We’re looking for one more talented filmmaker to join us in NYC this Spring at The Moment Invitational Film Festival. Create and submit a film, shot on Mobile, for a chance to win a trip to NYC to premiere your film and $3k in gear.

Filmmakers Involved 👇

Ash Tailor –
Shantell Martin –
Tim Sessler –
Andrew Kearns –
Jesse Driftwood –
JR Alli –
Chris Hau –
Sonora Mindwerl –
Mango Street –
Jakub Blank –

Brand Sponsors 👇
Rode –
Musicbed –
Manfrotto –
Freefly Systems –
F-stop –
Bellroy –
The5th –
Filmicpro –
Rhino –
Grado –
Beastgrip –
Hotel on Rivington –

Time to start shooting! Let us know if you have any other questions.



SPIR!T says:

What is the time limit?

Amos Caul says:

It is always funny when they say they will fly out, and you get filled with anticipation, and then they say New York. And you are like "oh", because you already live here.

The Musical Mountaineers says:

Hey guys! This is Rose and Anastasia of The Musical Mountaineers! We're excited to submit a video for this. Two questions! There are two of us creating the video because we're a team. Would we both be able to go to New York? Second, if we play a song in our video, and we've talked to the composer about playing it in our videos, does that qualify for submission? Thanks so much! Great film festival launch video!!

HeyItsOscarito says:

Hey guys , my friend and I visited the website and put our emails in a few days ago and still haven't received the rules for the video . Can you post here? All we gathered from comments is that it's a 3 minute short. Thank you kindly! 🙂

jamir khan says:

Actually i was excited at first but later looking into the rules i’m disappointed. Social media promotion decides the result by 15%..? Seriously…? What does promotions has to do with filmmaking. I’m not in any social media platforms as i believe it is toxic to my filmmaking carreer. And i couldn’t be a part of this festival just because of that… I just can’t believe this is happening… thank you.

josemi villariezo says:

what song is the first??

All Wright DVS says:

Well 😉 I’ll get started ASAP (meaning when I get my package, meaning, so far, I don’t know yet) but I’ll participate next year sure thing.

S W E N says:

Dope contest, my 6s is going to be busy these days…

Vinícius Gabriel says:

Awesome! I'm on it! hahaha
One question: Does it need to be in english? Cuz I'm from brazil

Alaa says:

I would if you just mail me my NOTE 8 CASE

iamjuda says:

Hey I just realized the deadline is Feb 27 and the winner will take a flight on March 31 and you have to be 18…I turn 18 on March 10 and I was wondering if I can still participate?

Htown Costanza says:

I love this idea. As a complete novice nor have any filming experience, what do I have to lose, right?

Brian Cason says:

can’t wait for this! the event is going to be sick

Cameron John Visuals says:

This whole thing was epic! Intro was NEXT LEVEL AWESOME! And such a dope contest!

JesseDriftwood says:

So frustrated to have missed that cheers explosion, but so stoked to be a part of this!

Owen Luu says:

WOO HOO! super excited.

Tristan Ervin says:

This is AWESOME. At the top of the year, one of my goals was to find a film festival I could enter into. Now my favorite company is providing that opportunity. I love you guys!

Harry Green says:

Can you guys name that tune please

Josh David says:

Dude this is so cool – love how you're calling it an invitational like a ski comp

aNguLife says:

But who doesn't like popcorn??

aNguLife says:

Awesome contest! Time to make a film in the next month!

Kristian Osorio says:

Looking forward to the results! Good luck to the ones competing.

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