WW3 ALERT ! US Military Silently Prepares For War With North Korea

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WW3 ALERT! US Military Silently Prepares For War With North Korea

Officers and troops across the country in the United States military are quietly preparing for a war with the hermit kingdom of North Korea. As quietly as possible, the increase in military exercises suggests a renewed focus on getting the country’s military prepared for what could be on the horizon with North Korea

BnTV channel today talk about usa, russia, china and nort korea today:


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Mthuthuzeli Mangxaba says:

If United States of America strike North Korea, it will mean the beginning of the End for the US forget about North Korea they are just a bait watch China and Russia just watching from South Africa cause this shit is getting real AXIS OF EVIL for really!

BuckShot says:

alright i am am out of Germany i am gonna go and move to switzerland

jcg j says:

yeeeaaaaa fallout 4 lets go

MrMan says:

History repeating itself………Depopulation on a bigger scale due to 7 billion inheritance

Mr. PP gaming Seal says:

North Korea did not attack China did ww3 starts 2023

Brent Thomas Tripp DawnStruck Enterprises says:

You know my idea of a celebrity has everyone seen the three little pigs a celebrity is the one that builds there house out of straw when it comes to life and money my money will stand when world war three happens the big bad wolf will blow your money away

Brent Thomas Tripp DawnStruck Enterprises says:

Celebrity’s are not shit

Brent Thomas Tripp DawnStruck Enterprises says:

Celebrity’s will be us soon when the banks drop

Brent Thomas Tripp DawnStruck Enterprises says:

You think those celebrities are hanging on to there money while world war three happens

Billy McAuliffe says:

America's a coward country it needs allies to invaders country and its all mouth and no action

Gordon Paterson says:

The Americans are real sissies as they cant fight North Korea on its own its got to have its coalition of cheerleaders to attack a small poor country and it talks of greatness just like they have done in Afghanistan thats wars going great how many years so far to fight some Taliban and Vietnam went well killed millions of civilians and beautiful babies but that did not stop the bombing so North Korea with become another destroyed graveland and the bully will feel great. Peace is never on the table with a warmonger country that only knows how to make great weapons of death.

Rodney Maynor says:

DAM I was told by PANDA PUCK that I had been kicked off here for telling him a right winged want to be taking up for a left winged woman that said that President Donald Trump need oil because he's an old man! I DON'T give a crap if President Donald Trump is in his older year's! He's STILL the BEST President since Ronald Reagan! JUST WONDERING what the mix of a want to be right winged guy and a left winged woman's puppy's would look like! Maybe Pitbull Rottweiler Shar-Pei mixed with two IDEIT'S! What kind of puppy's would a left wing and a right winged WANT TO be make? I'm having a REALLY hard time seeing it!

Pacific Angel says:

Is the free world ready to unify with USA ? What happens with Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Belgium, UK, Finland, Iceland, Malaysia and India   ???

Pacific Angel says:

A war with North Korea, means also, on a short term, a war with Russia and China !

Walter La Rue says:

Oh bull . .
dont listen to these nk rodents …fools
They are terrified..
Fat boy is a stooge, them old geezers are calling the shots….
Kill fat boy, by shooting him in the head with a 44cal revolver, him on the way down slit his throat to the bone and stab him in the gut with a with a steak knife and say Trump sent u s…,
Those ol geezers will be confused, they will give up, throw their muskets down, kiss Trump's ass and asks for a big Mac combo…to eat.

Si Ming says:

US bullets and bombs many had expired …

Watchman from Iowa USA says:

You guys really need to do something about your robot. The voice program is far from being acceptable.


everyone have to be ready at all times, i wish they bring back the vets, come back to fight ill jump fast to fight ALOHA FRIM HAWAII

Amadou Bojang says:

God bless north Korea will defeat all the evil

Gregory Suto says:

who is going to get bombed

BIG DUCK 69 says:


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