Calif. Councilman/Teacher Calls U.S. Military ‘Dumbsh*ts,’ ‘Lowest of Our Low’

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Members of the military are “dumbshits” and the “lowest of our low.”

Those were the words of El Rancho High School teacher — and member of the Pico Rivera City Council in California — Gregory Salcido.

Salcido was caught on video saying many derogatory things about members of the U.S. military. The student who ended up filming his hate-filled rhetoric — and subsequently posted the video to Facebook — was seen by Salcido wearing a Marine Corps sweatshirt just before his rant began.

The rant went on for a few minutes while the student — unbeknownst to Salcido — was capturing all of his comments using a cell phone camera.

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Donald Mcneal says:

Pubic schools are satanic

HiTechDiver says:

I probably can’t say anything about this reprobate that hasn’t already been said. I served 24 years in the military, and suffice to say he would not have survived in my world.

desert tramp says:

not worth the waste of energy nor breath to someone of his status

Erik Brantly says:

If he treated either of my kids that way he'd be a candidate for an unfortunate accident.

I Em Hoo I Iz says:

Okay Salcido, back to Mexico with you.

Emerson Bolen says:

Gee, I spent 24 years in the military, retired as a SGM, with a BA double major in History and Business, minor in economics, post grad studies, and finished my final semester at Methodist University with a 4.0.

Shaza Maza says:

Its the teaching profession that attracts the low IQ'd people. That's why the expression is   "  Those who can,  DO.  Those who can't , TEACH.

CVMA1895 says:

This is the kind of teacher that shouldn't be teaching in the US!

CVMA1895 says:

This guy is probably offended by Chithole country comments too! If you haven't served in a chithole country to keep the US safe. You should keep your chithole shut!

Stuart Brooks says:

How is an ignorant sh*t head like this teaching? Perhaps he needs a visit from a couple of those “dumb” military people; late at night

Dean Pettikas says:

The true dumbsh*ts are the people who keep electing this POS into office and allow him to "teach" their children.

Sydney C. says:

He's just another floating piece of excrement in the toilet called California.

do_it_yourself 09 says:

I'd let my fists do the talking.

Don Karsin says:

ya – takes a lot of smarts to be a flunky high school teacher..

Kevin Maroney says:

I wonder if he made Presidents List and Deans List while serving his country, taking care of his family and going to College… I did. This is the USA military not his homeland of Mexican wanna be military. Pissed me off when Obama was running and said something along the same lines about service members and how we shouldn't get a vote because we are uneducated. How people vote these morons into public office is beyond my comprehension.

Robert Colley says:

Hopefully, someone that lives close whoops his ass.

danerook says:

We DO have the strongest military. This guy is WRONG

Will Warden says:

I served in the military to fight for his rights for free speech. It’s completely within his rights to be a complete utter jackass if he wants to be. Wasn’t for us he would be sweeping the streets for free. Waiting in line 6 hours for a roll of toilet paper that hurts. When they start trying to indoctrinate our youth with lies that’s when they should probably fire them.

gangelone999 says:

I would to see one of military guys beat the crap out of that pencil neck dickwad

Kari Carter says:

you said it for me!

Warren C says:

Lets see this guy serve in he Military and then see what he says about our Troops, as he was very disrespectful to our Service Members!

Robert Wahinehookae says:

There are nice teaching jobs available for mr salcedo here in Hawaii if he can’t work in Cali anymore

Mr Spazoid7777 says:

It's commiefornia, the land of fruits and nuts …dominated by DemonKKKrap kooks since 1959. Nuff said.

Real Name says:

This is why California is the ultimate shit hole. The libs here all protect the hate spewing from each others mouths and call it free speech while condemning every conservative and trying to take away their free speech.

Alan Talbott says:

It doesn't surprise me that people like this exist……. what amazes me is that so MANY people don't have a problem with human turds like this guy.

Raymond Duncan says:

Give her a shovel

Yopops215 says:

Oh btw, pico rivera IS A SHITHOLE!!!

Yopops215 says:

Last time i checked, illegal aliens are the lowest of the low, and they are dumb shits also ayyyyyye (thats how they talk, ayyyyyyee)

Titanium Ovaries says:

Send him to a shithole to teach.

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