What’s nicotine addiction like? My e-cigarette habit is out of control O.o

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Someone struggling with nicotine shares his story and struggles and how he got started.
If you struggle with drug addiction feel free to reach out to me!
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My nicotine addiction was very progressive over a long period of time. I had my first cigarette when I was 14, and to be honest, cigarettes weren’t that appealing. I quit and started smoking again when I was in rehab. Eventually I graduated to an electronic cigarette and quickly took off to “vape lyfe”. My e-cigarette to this day feels like a pacifier I can’t live without. Vaping is an all day thing and I can’t begin to answer how to quit smoking. Quitting smoking leaves me with some gnarly nicotine withdrawal symptoms. Tobacco is more toxic so I have less reason to quit. I need to stop smoking ecig. Thankfully I’m not smoking cigarettes anymore.


skrface13 says:

you are the man chico!

Wim Hamhuis says:

well i managed to get totally out of the addiction that means no mor cigarettes, cigars and e-cigs for me. I managed to do that 🙂 if you want to know how, i can help you. It's not that difficult as most people think to begin with. It's really quite easy. Just buy yourself some nicotine peppermints. Be sure to buy the regular withdrawal ones. These tablets will constantly add some nicotine in your tongue, like smoking, but it lasts for half an hour each time. After that, it feels like you do not need any form of nicotine for about 2 hours. Here 's how to quit this nasty bugger called nicotine addiction : 1. first day : use the nicotine peppermint tablets under your tongue each time you normally wanted a cig. 2. second day : use the nicotine peppermint tablets under your tongue ONLY each time you want to go to the shop to buy new cigs. 3. Third day : You will discover you need LESS tablets in the second day. Thats Gnarly OK! Keep on going !

systemsmile double says:

Just wonder why do you want to quit vaping? Have you have a reason or do you just want to quit everything? I am addicted to Facebook and YouTube, and reddit and lots other social media, they sometimes make me feel even more stressed out but, and I will feel weird not to use them everyday. They are mostly harmless and does not cause other serious issues, so I don’t have reason to quit them other than that I just want to get rid of the addiction. If wanting to quit is the only reason to quit, is it necessary to quit?

VanillaDanila says:


Platinum says:

Haha i actually tested rub yesterday and lets just say it was an interesting experience. In any case perfect time to talk about nicotine

And like 2 smokes in the past so obviously it felt a lot stronger compared to pro smokers

Freedom Angst says:

I have a shitty vape that I use sometimes, I don't put use nicotine but just the act of vaping I find to be fun. It's not something I do often though, maybe if I'm with friends and they're vaping then I'll pull out my shitty vape and vape with them.

I also smoke cigars and pipe-tobacco but not daily, but I find the act of smoking them to be a bit relaxing and I do sometimes get a slight nicotine buzz. Sometimes if I smoke a cigar too quickly it makes me light-headed and I get that nicotine high but it's not something I really enjoy or try to feel. I will probably never try a cigarette because I'm afraid I'll get addicted, plus I have mild asthma and it would just fuck up my lungs. That's actually why I stopped smoking blunts and switched to a weed vaporizer because blunts were starting to negatively affect my lungs.

Aka Kiddo says:

had the same thought of quitting recently, id just say keep your mind on saving all that money you'd be spending on juice, coils, kanthol and new mods. And im glad someone else from the mech mod/coil building era is still around lol

Jantelagen says:

EW you were a Normie!!! The worst kind too – wasting money because you don't even inhale!! Just vape without nicotine – you can just get flavoured refills, what's wrong with you? If you don't want to gain weight just cut fat(and sugar) from your diet – you can make amazing meals with vegetables and noodles (8% fat) – not 2minute noodles they have 33% fat!!! I made that mistake recently. If you have Splenda (lactose) sweetener pills they can help you get through the day – for sugar cravings.

Itzak says:

Nicotine seems like the most boring drug

Sad Hours says:

What condom is that? I need something that strong

Joseph Young says:

I’m glad I didn’t start vaping when I quit smoking cigarettes and meth.

v v says:

was wondering when you would do a video on vaping, thanks!

Resurrect The Night says:

Cigs are the most boring and useless stuff you can get addicted to

Neurotic Sos says:

My friend got something like pure liquid nicotine and was vaping it when he had it. I just want him to be happy

Neurotic Sos says:

I wanna comment but you're replying to all the early commenters
This should be the opposite of a problem

Sid TheKid says:

As if this video comes up right after my father has a chat with my about smoking. I think I should try and quit while I can.

that fit Asian says:

Ur addicted to the vape life I’m dead

Ghost Certified says:

Man I’m lucky. I never smoked cigs, but I started vaping because all my friends used them and I tried them and loved the flavors. I’ve been using an e-cig for 3 years. Just 6 MG of Nicotine. I have gone days with using it and days without. I’ve been on the same tank of juice for the past three days if that tells you anything.

PopsiclesInMyCellar says:


Not Just Tube says:

You're a beast, CG

average TYT viewer Tyron mooselips says:

Dude it's like how I started etc, I think it's just like something you can do I like the idea of smoking but it sucks that it's bad for you and addicting

Ess says:

hey, you should try DL-Phenylalanine. It restores your dopamine, norepinephrine, epinephrine, & endorphin levels. It will help w/ quitting vaping, too.

heather macdonald says:

Would you consider vaping cbc? I know the effects are much less than nicotine but it's just an idea. I tried .6 out of no where and it made my heart pound hard and really slowly, made me anxious when it happened.

prod. misguided says:

trying to quit cigs, been vaping but I still always end up bumming a cig off people….vaping doesn't satisfy me like a cig does, its just not the same

Zerodarkforce X says:

Nicotine sucks ass. Wish I would've never picked up a cigarette

Jeremiah makaveli says:

I always tell my 11 yr old cousin, back then the cool kids smoked cigarettes but seems like weed replaced cigs for the past 10 yrs which is a good & bad thing but mostly good

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