Writing your First Shell Script for Linux Tutorial

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Sange Sherpa says:

Do i have to type echo in text editor? And how did you create a bash file?

BowHunter77 says:

Was wondering if I could start a new hobby of learning how to write code……daydreamed through this whole tutorial. Thanks for the good info but totally not for me.

Ashish Rout says:

do we need a particular distro or any linux distro will work?..i have kaliu and mint, which will be more useful for shell scripting

Caleb Marcum says:

1st, thank you for this quick tut on scripting!!! I am trying to learn how to make a script to do some rather complex things for a class. And this really helped get me in the door.

2nd, I think this video helped me enough to write the code. However, I would like to know a bit more. Like what chmod +x [FILENAME] actually does.

3rd, if I'm looking to write a code that will have different methods, will I be able to write the code in the same way I would a python file that uses a console or a java file that uses a console or gui? (looking to run methods in a code)

rgh1986aka199 says:

thank you for the short effective tutorial.

Jason Thomas says:

How do I write a script that ask for a user name when opening the shell?


At 5:37 you say in your script
echo "$name" >> names.txt
is echo needed there? i mean if it was like this: $name >> names.txt would it have any difference in the outcome?

thanks in advance

Duc Hieu Nguyen says:

are you using any special colorscheme for your vim?

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