When a physics teacher knows his stuff !!..

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TOP Wonders & jokes says:

hello everyone body please visit the news of this teacher .

lefty says:

the physicist here is called Walter Lewin.

Geoffrey03 says:

Who doesn't know this stuff? (Unless you're not interested in physics, of course.)

John Lang says:

what a Jack Ass lesson, he was almost dead 😉

hung quoc says:

which college is this?


FAKE LMAO I am litreally smarter then him LOL and this is fake because i know

X ? X says:

suisidal kids be like hit me 🙂

Arthur Yan says:

Bill nye did this

DreamBeatsBakery says:

At that speed the ball could never knock me out. – Brendan Schaub

Subha Mukherjee says:

fuckin awsum

Abbi Jadon says:

Two particals are simultaneously projected opposite direction horizontaly from a given point in space where gravity g is uniform,if u¹ and u² be their initial speeds,then the time t after which their velocities are mutually perpendicular pls solve the question….

prashanth kumar says:

i liked dis videos and i am the lover of physics

Angela says:

All these comments saying, "I learned this in highschool" is annoying. You do realize this is 3 mins into an hour long lecture, right? Please, if you're so bright enter an MIT course and see how quick you sink.

Just because its simple dosent mean it "easy" either. E=mc^2 is simple looking, we've all seen it. But do you actually understand it? Can you prove it mathematically?

It looks easy to an untrained eye, and that's the difference between someone who has a degree and someone who doesn't.

Wellington Boobs says:

Walter Hendrik Gustav Lewin has his own YouTube channel; there are many excellent physics lectures on it.

ruffgook says:

conneticut energy

Odeya Figueras says:

2:05 student questions every single decision he has made in his life

Sheetal Swaroop Burada says:

when He said " I'll close my eyes.I don't wanna see this" , My heart skipped a beat.

shadow claw says:

why is norman lewis everywhere nowadays

Jesus From Hyrule says:

Is there any physics major here who can provide me with insight into the courses as I'm an aspiring 16 yr old who wants to pursue this but is intimidated by the difficulty


What is his salary?

Free Slave says:

this is what yall go to school for? hahahhahahaha

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