Extreme hand fishing under ice!

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Fishing swedish style!!!

All rights reserved and copyright by Markus Wickelgren


Abdulvahid Ap says:

could have been make better ur acting , hope u do that in ur next video bro..

Mr E says:

Obviously staged, but still funny as hell. Come on over to America and I'll take you out hand-fishing for 30 lb carfish,

พักกาด กะหร่ําปี says:

20องศากูก็หนาวแล้ว มึงไม่หนาวมั้งหรอ

WRY Outdoor Media says:

Nice video guys!

Victor Yang says:

sounds like theyre speaking sims language


graciosos ,,,,, ya lo pescaron con anterioridad, el pescado no se mueve esta muerto,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

TheG.o.a.t Nunez says:

forgets the its a fake catch hes in his skibbies in freezing temp

Valter HockeyPro says:

IT was dead and look in the water he is just under the water

Michael Shultz says:

The fish is dead. A pike would be shaking like crazy. When it appears to move when placed back in the water, the guy is squeezing it together from the tail toward the head. I've caught hundreds of pike…many through the ice….fake news.

Emil Ivarsson says:

det är fake

TheTaralovesmakeup says:

That is one tough dude. Do you know how cold that shit is?

Sahid Alvarez says:

Ese pez ya estaba muerto, no es normal que al sacarlo del agua fresco que no trate de moverse ni naa

Khang khanh says:

2:35 wow amazing video

Khao khat says:

thank for your video, i love this

Khang cuan says:

thank for your video, i love this

Fury TV says:

good game and well player

Charla Grooms says:

good game and well player

Minh anh says:

thank 1:22 every like this

Kevin Jensen Jusufi says:

Varför på riktigt XD 100% fake

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