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in this video we will lean how to design logo in photoshop, and apply galaxy effect to it. The main base of logo is round

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Font :

Galaxy 1:

Galaxy 2 :


Photoshop Tutorials | Photo effects says:

PhotoshOOP, coz photoshop is too mainstream. i fukd up, can't change it now. sorry to the grammar police. MERCY !!!
( i created file in photoshop and kept it for 1-2 days, and after that edited it for like 3 hours in video editing, and still missed it. what is wrong with me ?!?! )

Safouane 31 says:

bro when i pressed ctrl and alt it didnt work ! minute 2:13

Vadim Kh says:

Yea not bad PS skills, however some english flaws and rapid explanation ruin everything on this video. Thnx anyway

Bharath Raj says:

In Photoshop cc the ellipse 2 layer not opening

Drop Assassin says:

Thanks man… logo looks EPIC…..just made my own adjustments and stuff

Cezar says:

Thanks for making this!

samxma says:

Dudeeeeeee… this was a fantastic tutorial!

Very professional
Straight to the point
Good sound quality
And you explain everything so well

Thank you for these great tutorials:)

OrbitAir says:

Combine shapes never pops up of course for me… anytime i try something new this crap always happends

Brandon R says:

im stuck at 3:00 i can't select the inside of the circle everytime i press crtl+T it selects the outer ring any ideas? Edit: I clicked on the direct selection tool first and it fixed itself

Fakin Dani ! says:

super video , help me so much man

Abyah Thorne says:

thanks so much easy to follow

Sahil Walmik says:

i have photoshop cs3 and it dont have combine shape option, so what can i do insted. or can u send me that circles saved psd file.

ali noor says:

i love yuor tutorials

Reprogramming Mind says:

Fantastic, thank you for producing this, exactly on point, learned lots fast and will watch again many times.

Monique Guimarães says:

alguem me explica como ele fez o lance de apertar 9 e sair a faixa abaixo da letra

Illluminado says:

congratulations very good

Paul Maréchal says:

Is there a person who can realise the logo for me ? I have some problems because I didn't have the same version of photoshop. Thanks.

Guillermo Macías Manzano says:

Alguien que me ayude con el comando que se usa en el minuto 8:47

Guillermo Macías Manzano says:

COMANDO 8:47????

Arthur Doyen says:

hello, what is the version of this photoshop?

9Gag Gaming Haris says:

Thank yu soo much, very nice explained, nice video quality

Jason Shoup says:

Awesome walkthrough. Which Photoshop version are you using?

Kadir Atasoy says:

How did you do combine shape? ı cant combine shape . Layer panel is not usable.

Goblins Trap says:

i have ps cs6 extended

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