CDC warns of widespread influenza-like activity in 23 states

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Young children, senior citizens and people with weakened immune systems are especially at risk.


Jeff Kardos Jr. says:

When do flu vaccines ever cover the right strain?

Hillary Mack says:

I am sick with a cold, already had the flu this season. Aaaaaa, so sick!!!

me heretoday says:

Please do not travel internationally Americans. …we do not need any further death and destruction caused by you.

John Douma says:

More chemtrails Cocksus son of a horucker government they are killed

Openyoureyes39 says:

Vaccines are filled with poison! Research it people.

Super says:

Which 23 states????


I got the flu shot.

I didn't get the flu from it.

I mean says:

I always hear this every year

Mexican Tacos says:

Don’t get the flu shot!!!!, I got it and it got me sicker

Bob Kerbs says:

OMG!! People might catch a cold!! The Centers for Dumbass Control better save my life!

Rob Simpson says:

Trump for Death! BTW, Happy Holidays to Everyone that is not a Trumptard!!!

The Manager says:

Bullshit propaganda to push a "Flu shot" thats apparently only 10% effective.

Goblin Z says:

Damn his sons are sexy as fuck

TheShadedShadow says:

Never got a flu shot, never will.

Andy Spickard says:

My son in law was admitted today. He’s been sick for a month. His temp has been 103, can’t keep anything down and he has pneumonia . He’s been tested for flu 3 times and it finally showed positive. His oxygen was at 80. It’s a pretty nasty one this year! I’ll be staying home away from everyone since I have lung cancer. No way do I want to get sick!

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