Using Nuclear Science in Food Irradiation

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Food Irradiation involves shining electromagnetic radiation like X-rays and gamma rays or electron beams onto food to maintain food quality, kill harmful bacteria and control insects. The technique destroys microorganisms that can cause illness or food to decay. Not only does it reduce the risk of food poisoning, it can also extend the shelf life of food products.

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muhammad alaa says:

Gamma rays have high frequancy of electromagnetic energy that emitted by the radioactive cobalt 60 and this radiation doesn't cause food to become radioactive or it's self

Cameron Bundalian says:

Yes thank you for this video. We truly need to educate more people regarding this matter as consuming irradiated food is not widely acceptable


wow! u explained very well thx

Brett R says:

awesome vid!, food irradiation is safe and effective, just another example of science improving our lives!

André Augusto Vidal Soares says:

Why do people still not accepting food irradiation? How could we end this radiophobia? I guess it's a question that just time can answer…

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