Putin Attends Christmas Service at The Church Where His Father Was Baptised

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A TRUE CHRISTIAN: Russian President Putin attends Christmas service at Church of Saints Simeon and Anna in St. Petersburg
Credit to Россия 24
С Рождеством всех православных христиан поздравил Владимир Путин. Сам президент по традиции встретил праздник вне Москвы. На этот раз он приехал в Симеоновскую церковь Санкт-Петербурга, одну из старейших в городе.
Russian President Vladimir Putin has offered greetings to Orthodox Christians and all Russians on Christmas celebrated according to the Julian calendar on January 7.

A Kremlin press service statement quoted Putin as saying that Christmas “gives millions of believers joy and hope.”

Putin said the holiday accustoms Orthodox Christians to “spiritual origins and fatherly traditions, and unites them around eternal Christian values” and the “centuries-old historic and cultural heritage of our people.”
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biju john says:

It's nice to see, when a man to become the leader of the country,to rule ,to guide and to be a model to the common people.
It's bad to the country and continent when female rule.!!eg.Germany.

Belinda A says:

He is not a humble man at all! Wow. So many dumb people in the world

Johannes K Shikongo says:

Experience is from long-serving, knowledge is from education, but wisdom is from God. Let Mr Putin be a wise man to make wise decisions.

oswiecacz ciemnoty says:

Every regime united with religion churches,this dictator gona try to destroy the world but God will destroy them

01 3 says:

I don’t think so!

3rd bomb says:

Humble with a net worth estimate of 40- 200 billion smh

Elmer Matthew says:


Gopalan Gobin says:

Putin promote Christianity. See what happening in europe their leaders engaged built mosque for vote

Kadar Baaz says:

Long live mr Putin and Russian people..! From muslim boy.

Edward Bernays says:

Wait a minute my great grandparents were there too…. and were killed by Jewish bolsheviks…. why doesn't he do something about the jewish problem, because he's a fucking jewish ass licker…… how stupid Russians and ukranians are

Riza hariati says:

Humble AND strong

detroit ghetto says:

Putin is trying make people think he is smart and well spoken. He always tells old saying so that we go wow, but in a real life he is shit. He as a former KGB person knows how to lie and not get red.

52montoya says:

Merry Christmas to our Christian Russian brothers and sisters!!

evolver1919 says:

Putin, a humble leader?

Mafasa Almafasa says:

6 western hairy fat strong independent feminist women disliked this video.

Janka Belcikova says:

slovakia bles avar brather in rusia.in slovakia peapel dont.whant homosexualite tcheatch.lgbt.and anather ill phedophilia.but wiar in eu.and nazy eu bringe that sick.ill law in slovakia.because gawerment is corupt.and mace al vhat eu whant.slovakia peapel is slavic nathion.wi have anather soull.clean.that perveurt wi dont whant.i wisch avar gawerment is like rusia.than future nathion is not degeneratin and perveurt

Julie Gurley says:

Let's compare Trump and Putin.  I would not like to live under a repressive regime like in Russia and in Trump's America.  Trump and his fellow totalitarians gathered at Mar-a-Lago to drink the best of alcoholic beverages and celebrate the gift they orchestrated by the robbery of our children and grandchildren.  Putin spent his epiphany and Christmas in church, meditation, and prayer.  Trump took his fellow crooks to Camp David to spend time figuring out how much more they can steal from the poor, the sick, the old, minorities, those in Puerto Rico and how they can deny medical care to those not billionaire not oligarchic, not a corporate master.  Who set the better example of ethics, humility, dignity, responsibility, leadership, love for his people, a celebration of the history, humanity, and justice?  No contest is there.  Of course I have to answer that question by naming Trump.  I am being spied on, threatened with the removal of common human rights, and suffering under totalitarian control by the oligarchs and their police state.

Brandon Boyer says:

Trump will overcome and conquer the russia slugs.. We will over rule Russia soon USA USA USA usa. You know with Trump we will overcome your jiberish speaking asses

Фе́ликс Эдму́ндович Дзержи́нский says:

Meanwhile, in the West, State leaders inaugurate the latest LGBT indoctrination agency aimed at primary schools.

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