Canine IV Catheter Placement

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IV access is important for many procedures and this video will walk you through how to place a cephalic intravenous catheter in a dog.

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ninad talwalkar says:

Thank you very informative

Doug Smith says:

Your reason for using the main cephalic vein rather than an accessory vein makes a ton of sense. At about 2:19, it looks like you placed the catheter distal to where the accessory veins and and main cephalic vein come together. Was that placement relative to where the veins meet intentional?

Zoltán Pák says:

I'm in my 5th year at veterinary university, and still waiting for the possibility to put on my first catheter -.-

m.rasim vet says:

good job but long time 🙂

dreams from heaven says:

My god the dog is so quite!!!!

dreams from heaven says:

Mam u r really brave!

F.f Star says:

Thanks for the video! This is very close to what we do at our school. I have just found this channel. Do you happen to have a video on Female dog urinary catheterization?

MsTinaLatina says:

you do it so effortlessly, I'm jealous. haha

Maria Home says:

This video was very helpful thanks 😉

Andreea Robu says:

Your videos are so useful for us, students, who don't get around to practice much. Thanks a lot ^_^ keep doing the great job you're doing.

Chandra Angela says:

I can't see detail. Don't record it from a distance.

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