The Logo Design Process From Start To Finish #2

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The Logo Design Process From Start To Finish.
Hello Everyone, welcome back.
In today’s Tutorial, I will take you through a full logo design project,
from start to finish.
you will see me sketching, then I will show you how to digitize the sketch
and how to make the logo balanced, and you will see much more of my logo design process.
Make sure to watch carefully to the end, and then write in the comment section the most valuable information you find it in the tutorial, and I will pick the best three comments and I will mention them in the next tutorial video.
Thank You!!
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The logo design Process:

when you design a logo, you should follow a precise logo design process to ensure that your
final design be the right solution for the client problem.
There is always precise steps that will guarantee you a great final logo design:

Design brief: this step where you send to the client a detailed logo design questionnaire
to collect all the information needed.

Research and Mind mapping: in this phase you should make a deep search about the industry,
and the competitors of your client, you will also learn about your client’s target audience.

Sketching And Refining: this step is about putting ideas on paper no matter how you drawing look like, its about gathering as much logo design concept as possible, then choosing the right ones an clean it.

Digitizing: this step is about digitizing your sketches and making them scalable vector logo designs.

Delivery: this is the final phase where you make a good presentation with all you logo design concepts and present it to the client.


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KMS says:

PRO TIP: Instead of switching from fill to stroke you can decrease the opacity of the fill!

Vasudev Purohit says:

I m going to start my carrier in graphic designing I want to take advice from u sir

Shakil Hussain says:

Again Excellent!

Bayu Kurniawan says:

i have a question sir. ( 4.52 ) in my AI there is no point to round up the box as in minute 4.52. can you solve that sir? thank you

digvijaykick3r says:

You are my Inspiration..thanks a lot sir..i bow you.

Rob-karen Kennedy-parker says:

Thanks for the vid

Makhaya Sebutana says:

i really enjoy you tutorials and they building me up as graphic design

Gabriel Viegas says:

Love all your Videos! And I'm So happy you brought up the color boxes question XD Thank you so much for sharing such amazing tutorials <3

Blaise Kouassi says:

I've watched several videos how to design logos none of them can't be as clear as this one. Thank you for sharing your talent!

Mock Coder52 says:

I am new to this channel but you have earned another subscriber your great man keep it up

Somaya Elkholany says:

Thanks for your accurate tutoring to give all details for beginners which is very useful .thanks a lot.

faisalnadeem fslndm786 says:

Yes, you are a very. good tracher as well.

Toxyk says:

I love your videos! You really doing a great job. =) Thank you


This is nice but I need a video for presentation of logo.☺

Shadid Shahariar says:

Thank you for ur videos I have watched all ur basic videos about logo and now I can make logos.I have made 7 logos.

malk m says:

?My friend iwants to learn and become like you Are there sources you suggest to learn from them

Soft Host says:

Respected Sir, I am your silent Student … thank you very much .. Syed Shahzad , SoftandHost Pakistan

TheHakmurro says:

Please never stop making these videos, i am a beginner with illustrator and making stuff the way you do is soooo helpful

Fabian says:

Great video, like the rest that you have on your channel!
I got a question though.
So, I've met with a client that told be he wants a rebranding (new logo) for his pub. After finishing like 3 variations of logos we met again and he tolds me that they're all amazing and needs to show them to the other partner that works with him and his wife. After a day he tolds me that he wants the old logo (did by someone else) but tweaked and improved a little to look better. I was mindblown when he told me that thing. ^^ The question is: What shall I do next?

HD Highlights says:

Great Video. Awesomeness. Creative Mind M.Achraf.
Give me some idea on Android Graphic design or Android App logo design's.
Upload any video on Android logo design tutorials.
I will be waiting for your best responds. Thanks

ehasanul haque says:

Its good idea,….. I like your all videos. I all-time follow to you. Thanks you

Ali Mohammad says:

Really great video keep it up!

Solida S says:

This is so helpful! Can you also do the logo variations?

محمود المحمد says:

أنت راااااااائع

LyricsIsGood says:

Great video! One thing I would love to have is the sketch files so I can try it too!

Marko Pojer says:

thenk you for your time mohamed


Plse share making presentation for logo.

Josua Alvian says:

wow great with all spesific step you do, i really enjoy that.. can you explain about basic design with a repetition or line and dot ETC for branding logo? thankyou

TaHisso X-2 says:

Thank you mohamed ,
my questions are :
Do you have a graphic tablet ?
which program do you use for montage ?
when you start learning adobe illustrator ?

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