The greatest sports moments of all time

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The greatest sports moments


hugh jorgan says:

1:46…I'm curious if anyone has ever pointed out that Seattle should have used Lynch on second-and-goal at the 1 to win the Super Bowl?

Afkg3ar says:

So much american football I wonder where this guy is from…
Bad music choise

Aswin A says:

Messi has easily ten solo goals you can choose from

Mark Cameron says:

The arsenal goal but fukin wooaahhh great goal

Wendelbo Wendelbo says:

I guess this in an american who made this… Only "Soccer" besides american made sports..

Arseniy Salay says:

too much Zlatan 🙂

Sam Farthing says:

Where is mma and rugby

SHAILESH Parmar says:

Messi chip goal vs bayern

Random Boy says:

This channel must be American. because :
+ too much American football and basketball
+ a lot of great names names are missing
+ Channel's name is ''thug life videos''

TheThepusherman7 says:

Ibrah made it twice

The Short Savage says:

totally copied from highlight factory dude make your own

Marek Mega says:

1:38 whats that sport called, they are not playing with ball as i saw

hidde smulders says:

ruined the whole video with dude perfect

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