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Breast cancer patient chooses grape fast over chemotherapy for health issue.
Iridology Report:
We are here to educate the planet about the lymphatic system and where your CELLULAR WASTE (ACIDIC WASTE) is eliminated. Into the blood? or URINE!!!! Christian’s Army has evidence it filters out through the Urine. The Army lovingly challenges the medical community to provide visual evidence of the lymphatic system dumping its WASTE into the blood. Visual evidence, not just words in a book! (who controls those WORDS?)

IF you have achieved Kidney filtration contact Chad:
This channel is about bringing awareness to the bodily function of cellular waste removal. Medical textbooks claim that your cellular waste is released back into the venous system (blood). Christian’s Army challenges this assertion via video and pictures evidenced on this channel. This channel is host to the Kidney Filtration Challenge where those that have achieved cellular waste removal via the kidneys provide their story of what it took to achieve KIDNEY FILTRATION and evidence of this filtration. Let’s wake up the researchers and help some kids at the same time!
The medical community, whether it’s allopathic and most naturopaths, DO NOT understand the role the kidneys undertake in cellular waste removal. In 2015, scientists just discovered that our bodies have lymphatic vessels in the brain! (search: They’ll have to rewrite the textbooks, UVA Today) This discovery is clear evidence that the medical community has limited knowledge of the lymphatic system. Nature already knows its function and “modern medicine” is operating recklessly without full awareness of the body and all of its function. I am very aware of the ignorance of “modern” medicine as I healed myself of chronic fatigue, digestive, prostate, memory, anxiety, and snoring issues thanks to the knowledge of natural healing brought forth by Dr. Robert Morse N.D. This knowledge of natural healing is also why I chose to bypass “modern medicine” when my son, Christian, was diagnosed with Acute LYMPH-oblastic Leukemia in the Fall of 2013. Knowing that the Child Protective Services would be after Christian if anything other than chemotherapy was chosen for his health issue, Christian’s family decided to leave the County of San Diego and change Christian’s diet to heal him. Christian was immediately put on the detoxification diet of fruits and herbs (I healed myself of chronic fatigue, digestive, prostate, memory, anxiety, and snoring issues on this diet.) After five weeks on this detoxification diet, Christian’s leukemia count (WBCs) was down by 75% (evidenced in videos and stated as an impossibility by medical doctors) and bruising from the effects of leukemia had reduced dramatically. However, Christian was caught in Las Vegas, Nevada, where Dr. Bernstein, “I know you are doing something right here because I have never seen a WBC count go down without chemotherapy, but I would lose my LICENSE if I let you continue this.” Since that time Christian moved back to the County of San Diego, where chemotherapy attempts failed twice. Side effects of failed vision and pancreatic dysfunction were experienced. Christian’s bone marrow was not an issue to start the “modern” approach; however, after two and a half years of chemotherapy, the doctors had to stop chemotherapy and conduct an experimental bone marrow transplant to repair the damage. During the experiment Christian nearly died.
It is my goal that the textbooks are changed, and the TRUTH about the lymphatic system and kidney filtration of this system is brought to light. Without this knowledge, man will never experience true health and vitality.
Learn about health from my teacher:
Must read books for superior health:
Mucusless Diet Healing System by Arnold Ehret
Detox Miracle Sourcebook by Robert Morse
Videos for Raw food knowledge
Videos for Laughs

IF you have achieved Kidney filtration contact Chad:

Christian’s Army ultimate goal is to get the research scientists to acknowledge that our bodies cellular waste does not recycle back into the blood as currently thought, but rather into the URINE.


Amanda Carlson says:

as a nurse, i see the complete destruction surgical wise (im on a surgical inpatient unit) of cancer patients. mastectomies have got to be the worst. radical and medieval staples and incsions where a woman's breasts used to be. in so much pain or so sedated, theyre completely unaware of the situation. hard to see the patient in this state, and how the loved ones deal with it as well. God bless you for getting the message out there! its hard for me to talk about this with my patients! its so fast paced at work and many just are not open minded or are scared straight that allopathy is the only way…plus im sorry to say, i dont want to get in trouble at work either :/


She’s going strong. Her masses have decreased and she is currently on a Christmas holiday in Australia….

ARCSSelfDefense says:

Any updates on this lady and her medical status?

Cathy Baby says:

How is the lady in video
Its dec now
Is she curing

tawana wilder says:

I love this. Thanks for sharing. Amazing video.

LaughingblueSu says:

I loved the comments of what was going on with her, how it felt from the inside.
Must do a 12 month update please!

Jim Bob says:

awesome stuff man

debbiek1able says:

Tell all friends to look up the 14 yr. Australian chemo study and maybe they will learn chemo is only 2% at best and 1 in 5 die of chemo

meijikrafty says:

Can i just buy organic grapes without seeds( because there are no grapes with seeds here in our city)..and eat just grapes whenever I want to?

SaúdeVC thaismelo says:

Thanks for the channel! I was looking for this kind of video showing evidence real happening now. Following you guys! Thanks

angelbe88 says:

This is awesome!! Thanks so much for sharing with us all. Wishing Tricia a speedy healing <3

Ross C says:

The message is just so clear to understand, well done guys!

Robert Michael says:

Glad to see you looking and hearing so well, Chad.
God bless.

Juicy Fast says:

So true. I, too, started on Gerson, then found Dr. Morse. I had a large fibroid. It's now dead and going down. ( get to keep the lady parts.)

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