What Happens When You Stop Smoking?

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How fast does the body recover?
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Simon Walle says:

Thanks i learned me aloth in all your videos

Saphal SINGH says:

I'm lucky I don't smoke.

Sebastian Wang says:

I go through two lighters an hour

Gage Atkinson says:

My mom used to smoke a pack of cigarettes a day and she stoped smoking in 6 months on my birthday she had 12 heartattacks and also my mom had be smoking for 28 years and only had a 2 percent chance of living and she is still with me today

mortal agate says:

I swear to God my dad died from smoking……

FRAG spirt 45 says:


ZARAirsoft says:

People aren’t dumb for smoking cigarettes, all smokers now the health risks, just some decide that the enjoyment they get from smoking is worth the risk, that doesn’t make them dumb

Rich Kids says:

People need to see this.

jaja says:

Is life a race to live the longest?

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