How to Make Android Apps

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I will show you how to make Android apps. This is the beginning of a large tutorial series. I will do my best improve on the first tutorial by following all of the suggestions I have received.


Daniel Dias says:

Hey Derek, do you think this videos are still good enough or now the structure is so different that doesn't worth it? I saw that res folder is pretty different now..

nu nu says:

gruuvee <3 thankz again bro <3 =)

nasro benhabib says:

My first coding lesson . Thanks

Shaik Nihar basha says:

how to give a project in freelancer…

buddhabhumi Municipal office says:

i want to creat my mun app

CHM says:

All that for a freaking button? Man Android is sloppy coding. You can do this in 15 seconds on html and css with a simple click js function. I guess I'll adapt. Geeze.

AnteConfig says:

I have a question. Is their anyway I can make an app using notepad. And then just compile it somehow. then my problem is how do I get the program on my phone?

Edit: I'm just asking 'cause I don't want to get android Studio or eclipse. but I'm fine with getting a JDK

Xeozim says:

Best first video of an Android series I've seen, love the attention to all the little details, really makes me feel like I understand it! Looking forward to watching the next videos

dogotube 2009 says:

I'm using a Galaxy S5 make this also into a app for IOS and Android

Sayed Sadat says:

thank you so much Mr Derek, when I will complete with my app I will not forget to send it to you.

Sayed Sadat says:

I am in 5th class ease tell me how to make app that help in sending messages.

SOI Brandz says:

Custom Word Press Development India

Freedom Fighter says:

excuse me Derek, which programming language can be used in it

Dear Champ says:

Derak please make and updated version of your old videos

Sergiu Dana says:

I THINK this need an update. Maybe …I`m not sure

Ankit Mishra says:

Great idea

Want to see some mysteries of the world…??

Have a look…

Demetruis Figgs says:

Do you want to learn how to make your own apps and games on your phone then check this link out…….

gaming withvictor says:

Does this need computer

Ronak Punase says:

Sir, Derek.. your tutorials have been helpful to me for a very long time and you are the best in making tutorials on any programming language! The way your text is magnified so as to make it clearer, high quality voice, and really great examples! Keep Going!

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