How Does German Economy Compare to United States Economy?

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How do US economy and German Economy compare? Can German economy beat United States economy soon?


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Nathan Hausladen says:

This guy needs to fact check his video before he puts it out on the internet.

Nathan Hausladen says:

Tax breaks for fossil fuels? Obama put heavy tax burdens on fossil fuels and over-regulated the fossil fuel industry.

ed yue says:

U S A has more raw potential; however, lots of head wind from political correctness in hiring/promotions. Further our medical system is extremely costly and legal/governmental regulations overly burdensome.

3rd bomb says:

Well at least we didn't start two world wars

Pump says:

Germany was in dept for such a long time but it still is one of the richest countries in the world

Brett b says:

If the us didn't supposedly "over spend on pharmaceutical drugs" the us would also not be BY FAR the best developer of pharmaceutical drugs and be the highest rank in the world for medicine. You should have pointed that out.

Matimi0's Backflip says:

looks left
looks right
Who set up the German economy after ww2? Lmao

Robert Ciesluk says:

So , it's the highest time to get Germany down untill they destroy Europe again.
Germany down, Russia out !!!

Secular - Atheist says:

if imam Merkel , imports more and more jihadist – for sure Germany will suffer

snake 11 says:

the biggest difference is that you live is secured. even if you do not work your whole life, you will at least get a small flat and 500 usd for living, while in the US you would be homeless

Logic Check says:

Uhh, were at 3% GDP growth under trump. You neglected to mention that?

Logic Check says:

Horrible video

Alec Kramer says:

Free college in germany

Tobias Neufeldt says:

these videos need to be much longer there is nothing tangible here to work with. How does a video like this help anyone ?

Lee Francis says:

This Video is proaganda none true a pile of Lies.

Nikoma Popo says:

Can u do Nat0 vs BRIKS?

tomiesto240 says:

Its pretty creepy how biased this creator is towards Germany for some reason lol
He sounds like one of those slimy CNN journalists who can't help but infuse their own personal perspectives into their convent

Samir Ismail says:

I hope so much that no one is idiotic enough to think Europe is just a bunch of disorganised countries ruled by socialists. We did invent basically the entire concept of democracy, capitalism.

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